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There are infinitely many possible shapes. One such is a cube with one vertex sliced off.

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Q: What 3d shape has 1 triangular face?
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Related questions

What 3d shape has 4 triangular faces and1triangular face and how many vertices and edges does it have and the name of the shape?

There is no 3-d shape with 4 and 1 = 5 triangular faces.

What 3d shape has 5 triangular faces and 1 pentagonal face?

It has six faces and is thus a hexahedron; one more commonly called a pentagon based pyramid.

What figure has 3 triangular face's 1 triangular base and 1 vertex?

There is no such shape.

Which solid has 1 square face and 4 triangular faces?

The solid shape that has one square face and four triangular faces is called a pyramid. If you were to have a shape that had four triangular faces and no square face, it would be called a triangular pyramid.

What 3D shape has 2 triangular faces that meet together at 1 vertex?


You are a 3d shape you have 1 face and no edges no corners what shape are you?


What 3d shape has 1vertex 1 curculer face and 1 cuved face?

A cone?

What 3d shape has 1 vertex and 1 circular face and 1 curved face?

A cone.

What geometric shape has 1 square face and 4 triangular faces?

The geometric shape that has 1 square face and 4 triangular faces is a pyramid. A pyramid also has five vertices and eight edges. The square acts as the base for the shape on which it sits.

What is 3d shape with 1 curved face and 1 flat face?

Its an Cylinder

What 3d shape has 1 flat face 1 curved face which meets at a vertex?


What is 3d shape 1 flat face 1curved face your flat face is circular?


What shape has 4 triangular faces and 1 rectangular face?


3d shape has 1 vertex 1 cicular face abd one cover face?

a cone

What is 3D shape with 1 curved face and 1 edge?

A cone perhaps?

What 3d shape has 1 vertex 1 circular and 1 curved face?


What shape has 5 faces 4 faces are triangular with 1 face being flat with 5 corners?

Triangular prisim

What shape that has 1 squre face 4 triangular faces?

Square pyramid.

Which 3d shape has only 1 face and the face is curved?

Sphere, torus, moebius strip

Which 3d shape has 2circular faces and 1 curved face?


What is a 3D shape and has 1 curved face?


What is a 3d shape with 1 vertex 1 circular face and 1 curved face?

A cone, like an ice cream cone.

What 3 D shape has at least 1 triangular face?

There are infinitely many possibilities.

What shape has 4 triangles and 1 square face?

This 3D shape could be a square based pyramid.

What is a 3d shape with 1 curved face and 2 flat faces?

A cylinder