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1,2,5,8,9. The mean is the average found by summing the numbers, then dividing by how many numbers that you have. So any 5 numbers that sum to 25 will do. Example: 1,2,3,4,15; or 5,5,5,5,5

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Q: What 5 number have the mean of 5?
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What does the number 5 mean in the Bible?

The number 5 = Mercy.

Show example how you find the mean of a number?

The mean of a number is the number itself. Finding the mean of one number serves no purpose whatsoever. So, for example, the mean of 5 is 5.

What is the geometric number of 5 and 320?

If, by geometric number (?) you mean geometric mean, then the answer is 40.

What is the mean of 5?

There isn't a mean because it is one number.

What does v mean in rome?

It is the number 5.

How do you figure out the mean of a number in math?

The mean is all of the numbers added together, divided by the number of numbers. E.g. 2, 2, 5, 6, 10 is 25 / 5 = 5. So the mean would be 5.

How do you spell 5 in Latino?

If the translation is to "Latin" then the number 5 is quinque.If you mean Latino (Spanish), the number 5 is cinco.

What is 5 over 17 as a mixed number?

It is not possible but if you mean 17/5 then it is 3 and 2/5 as a mixed number

If a number is a whole number does that mean its opposite is an integer?

technically speaking yes the opposite of 5 is -5

What is the mean of 5 and mode of 4?

There is not much point in calculating the mean or mode of a single number. The mean of 5 is 5. The mode of 4 is 4.

What is 5 in English?

Well if you mean a number then its the same everywhere (5). But if you mean how do you spell it then it is spelled 'five'

What does the number 555 mean?

500 + 50 + 5

What does the number 5 mean in the Holy Bible?


What does the number 5 inside the top of a triangle mean?

It is the number of degrees of that angle.

5410 as a mixed number?

If you mean 54/10 then it is 5 and 2/5 as a mixed number in its simplest form

What subscript number will be given to element B?

5. B is Boron, and I think by the 'subscript number' you mean the atomic number of the element, 5.

How do you find out 1 fifth of a number?

Divide that number by 5 or Multiply it by 0.2

What is the sign that indicates a number is positive?

+ is used to mean positive. No sign on a number also means the number is positive. Example +5 = 5 .

Does 18 have a mean of 5?

A group of two or more numbers has a 'mean'. A single number doesn't.If you absolutely must have the mean of a single number, it's that number itself.

The mean of 5 numbers is 25 percent of the original number What is a possible set of numbers?

4,5,6,10,100=125 and their mean is 125/5=25% of the larest number,100

What is 5 tens written as a number?

If you mean 5 tenths, it is written as .5; where the 5 is is called the tenths place.

What does the first multiple of 5 mean?

The first multiple of any number is the number itself.

A fair coin is tossed 10 times what are the expected mean and variance of the number of heads?

mean = 5, variance = 5

What does police code number 5 male mean?

it means 5 police in a group.

What does the number 5 mean on a ball canning jar?

Means it was made on machine #5 .