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tenths, twenthies,hundredths, two hundredths, ones

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Q: What 5 numbers is less than one thousandths?
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Is one thousandths less than zero?

No it is not. It would be if it was a negative.

What are numbers less than zero called if numbers less than one are decimals?

Numbers less than zero are "negative numbers".

What is one hundred thirty thousandths less than 0ne?


What decimal number is the smallest 1.001 1.1 1.01 1.011?

1.001 is less than any of the other three numbers because it is just one thousandth more than one. 1.01 is one hundredth, or ten thousandths, more than one, 1.011 is eleven thousandths more than one, and 1.1 is one tenth, or one hundred thousandths, more than one.

Can two mixed numbers be less than 1 why or why not?

No itโ€™s can not be a number less than one because a number times one get you the same number

What is 8.413 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

To round a number to the nearest hundredth, first take a look at the thousandths place (the third place to the right of the decimal) and determine if the digit is greater than or less than 4. If the digit is greater than 4, increase the hundredths place digit by one and drop the thousandths place digits and/or all other numbers behind it. If the digit is less than four, simply drop the thousandths place digits and/or all other numbers behind it. Now let's take a look at 8.413. The digit in the thousandths place is 3. 3 is less than four. So drop the 3 and leave the rest of the numbers before it. The answer is 8.41.

Is 9.202 less than 9.209?

Yes, 9.202 is less than is also 9 and 202/1000. 9.209 is also 9 and 209/1000.202 one-thousandths is less than 209 one-thousandths, so 9.202 is smaller.Sorry, that wasn't a great explanation, but... :)

What number is less than 1?

There are an infinite amount of numbers less than one

Is 1.0052 greater than one and fifty two ten thousandths?

No. The two numbers are equal.

What are decimals used for?

numbers less than one

How do you write a decimal that is less than 5 thousandths?

0.000001 is one millionth, which is much smaller.

What is greater than seven eighths?

fifteen sixteenths, and an infinity of other numbers less than one as well as the infinity of numbers greater than or equal to one.

Are numbers to the right of a decimal considered less than zero?

no, they are less than one

What is less than 28.43?

There are infinitely many numbers that are less than 28.43. 28.4299 is one possibility.

How do you solve logarithms of numbers less than one?


What are the prime numbers less than one hundred?


How many numbers less than one?

An infinite number.

What other numbers are fractions that is less than 1?

Any fraction where the numerator is less than the denominator your value is less than one.

Is the product of two positive mixed numbers ever less than one?

No, the product of two positive mixed numbers can never be less than one.

One number is 4 less than eleven times another The sum of the two numbers is 92 Find the numbers?

One number is less than 11 times another number. The sum of the two numbers is 92. Find the numbers

What number is less than 100 and is prime?

There are 25 numbers less than 100 that are prime. One is 17.

How many prime numbers less than 50 that are even numbers?

There is only one and it is 2

What is the answer of a decimal that is less than 5 ten thousandths?

There are an infinite number of them. One of them is 4 ten-thousandths. Another one is 3 ten-thousandths. In general, it's any number 'N' that makes the statement [ N < 0.0005 ] true.

What is mixed number of 0.744?

0.744 is less than one. Mixed numbers are greater than one.

What is mixed number of 0.486?

0.486 is less than one. Mixed numbers are greater than one.