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You might get held back and retake the class. Depends on what school you go to.

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Q: What Happens If you Fail a 7th grade placement test by a small amount but still have a B plus in the class do you get held back and retake the class?
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What happens if you fail 10th grade English?

you will have to retake the class. you make also need credit recovery.

What happens if you pass the accuplacer test?

You will be placed in a Developmental Math class before you can take any other credit math class. You can retake the test to avoid being placed in one of these classes.

What is the definition advanced placement program?

It is a class to prepare students for a test in May where, depending on the college, it is possible to get college credit or placement for the class.

My son took the ged class and recieved a failing grade what doe he do next?

Depending on where you're son has taken the class he will have to wait for a specified amount of time before retaking the class. In some cases he can retake the class without the wait. It just depends on what the requirements are for the GED course that he is taking.

When was chemistry required in high school?

Sophomore year. Unless you fail then you have to retake the class

If you fail 9th grade algebra do you fail school?

No, you will probably just have to retake that class.

What happens in ninth grade when you failed both semesters of biology and one semester of health class?

You will have to retake the 9th grade biology course and in regards to health you will only earn 1/2 of the credit for that class. It would be beneficial to talk to your school counselors.

If you fail a class that is not needed to graduate high school should you retake it?

It is not technically necessary, but if the class is one that you think you might use in college, you should retake it. Ask your guidance counsellor or teachers to help you decide which choice would be best for you.

What do you do if you fail a college class?


What happens if you have a D in 9th grade English?

It depends on what school you go to. At my school, anything less than a B- is considered failing. If you fail a class you might have to retake it the next year, or go to summer school.

Apostrophe placement for class's?

you do not need the third s. An apostrophe is placed after the second s to make it class'