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I have no idea what you said. The correct answer is 38.

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Q: What I said 38.1 rounded to the nearest whole number?
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What is 16.3 rounded to the nearest whole number?

The answer would be 16 becauseif the last digit is a 1, 2, 3 or 4 then the previous digit is left unchanged and the number is said to be rounded down;for example, 296.2 rounded to the nearest whole number is 296if the last digit is a 6, 7, 8 or 9 then the previous digit is increased by 1 and the number is said to be rounded up; for example, 296.8 rounded to the nearest whole number is 297

What is 14.71 rounded to the nearest number?

the answer is said to be fifteen

What is 5 over 8 as a whole number?

5 over 8 can't be a whole number, as it is a fraction, a part of the whole.Slice a pie into 8 pieces. Each piece is an 8th of the whole pie. Only when the pie is whole can it be said to be a whole number - which would be 8. Remove a slice and the pie becomes a fraction.

What do they mean by one decimal place?

A number with one digit after (to the right of) the decimal point is said to have one decimal place. The number can also be said to be rounded to the nearest tenth.

What is 279 rounded to the nearest hundred?

What is 279 rounded to the nearest hundred well its 300 okie that's all that i said cause i guess the anwser at first

What is 386.75 rounded to nearest cent?

You have asked to round the number to the nearest cent, but you have not said what the units are which that number represents. If it is 386.75 cents, then if we round it to the nearest cent, we get 387 cents. If, however, it is $386.75 then you can't round it to the nearest cent, you could only round it to the nearest dollar (in which case the answer would be $387).

What is the largest number that rounds to 600 when rounded to the nearest hundred?

649.999999.... Be careful: 649.9recurring to infinity is sometimes said to equal 650, and that rounds to 700.

Liz attended class every day since she started school as a kindergartner. She said she has been in school46 for about 1,000 days. What numbers could be the actual number of school if Liz rounded the nearest ten?

it would stay at 1,000 say if the number was 1,057

Who said atoms combine in simple whole number ratios to from compounds?

John Dalton, the father of modern chemistry, said that atoms combine in simple whole-number rations to form compounds.

The product of a given number and another whole number?

All that can be said is that it is a multiple of the first number.

What is the lowest whole number that can be said in three words?

one hundred one

Round 8.12 to the nearest ten?

To the nearest 'ten' as you said, it would be: 10 To the nearest 'tenth," it would be: 8.1 To round a number, look at the number right after the number you want it to stop at. If that number is greater than 5, then you round up one digit. If it is 4 or below, the digit stays the same.

What is 232 rounded to the nearest hundred?

200 thank you people that said 200

When is a number called a 'Sunny' number?

A number is said to be 'sunny' when, 1 added to that number, the square root of it becomes a whole number...

Can a square root be a whole number?

Yes. The square of a whole number is always a whole number. For example, 3 squared is 9, so the square root of 9 is 3. What you never have, is the square root of a whole number being a fraction that is not a whole number. The square root of a whole number is either a whole number or an irrational number. For example, the square root of 2 is irrational, because there are no 2 whole numbers a and b such that a/b squared is 2. This is not terribly difficult to prove, but I have already said too much; I have answered your question.

Which scientist said atoms combine in a simple whole number ratios to form compounds?

John Dalton

What is it called when the moon is nearest to the earth?

The moon is said to be at perigee when it's nearest the Earth.

What is 2.123 round to the nearest tenth?

When you round a number to a specific place value, you always look at the number(s) to the right of the said place value.In your case, you're rounding to the tenths, so you'd look at the hundredths.2.123In the rules of rounding, If the number is 5 or more, you round up. If the number is 4 or less, you round down. Is 2 more than 5 or less than 4? It's less than 4 so we round down.2.100Therefore, 2.123 rounded to the nearest tenth is 2.1.

Is 12.9 billion almost 13 billion?

The answer depends on the significance of "almost". If I owed 12.9 billion and someone took 13 billion, then I would not be happy about it. Having said that, 12.9 billion rounded to the nearest billion is 13 billion.

How do round a fraction to the nearest half?

if the number after the first number after the decimal is 1-4, round it to 0. If it is 5-9, round it one higher number. EX: 4.56 rounds to 5.00, and 4.54 rounds to 4.50. They mostly round up to the nearest half number (like you said). It's not that hard to round numbers.

What is 9.22 rounded up to 1 decimal place?

Usually when a number is less than five you round down so normally you would get 9.2 However, because you have said rounded 'up', the answer would be 9.3

When students at Luray Middle School were surveyed 22 percent said they would like hamburgers at lunch rather than hot dogs - What is that percent rounded to the nearest compatible fraction?


Who rounded the tip of Africa in 1487?

We are studying this in school and according to the facts back then its said to be rounded by Bartolomew Diaz.

What is the area of a regular 16 sided polygon that has a perimeter of 48cm rounding your answer to the nearest integer?

The regular 16 sided polygon will consist of 16 congruent isosceles triangles having equal base angles of 78.75 degrees and by using the trigonometrical sine rule they will have equal sides of 7.688746343 cm with an apex angle of 22.5 degrees opposite side 3 cm. Area of the polygon: 0.5*7.688746343^2 *sin(22.5)*16 = 180.9842217 square cm Area of said polygon rounded to the nearest whole number: 181 square cm

How can you describe all of the numbers that when rounded to the nearest thousand round to 426000?

They are all the numbers starting from 425,500 and less than 426,500 . I said it that way because 425,500 rounds to 426,000 , and so does 426,499.99 , but 426,500 doesn't.