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First, the speaker or writer must have agreement between the verb and object. The question should read: What arenegative sentences?

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Q: What Negative sentence?
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What is the negative sentence of my mother has gone out?

My mother has not gone out. To make the sentence negative, the negative form of has ( = has not ) is used.

What is the meaning and definition of negative sentence?

Negative sentence: A word used in denial or refusal; as, not, no.

What is sementical and structural featuresof negative sentences?

structural negatives are sentences which gives negative sense. but when a negative response "no" appeares in front of the negative sentence, it is said to be a negative sentence.

What is it when you use two negative words in a sentence?

a double negative.

How a negative interrogative sentence can be changed in to assertive sentence?

it is not fair

How do you use negative in a sentence?

Every battery has a negative and a positive side.

What is negative form you are in a hurry?

To make the sentence negative, add the word "not": You are not in a hurry.

How can you make a positive sentence into negative sentence?

we have to put the word not after the first auxiliary

What are different kind of sentence?

Postive Sentence Negative Sentence Interrogative Sentence Exclamatory Sentence

Use the word negative in a sentence?

All the critics could say is negative things.

How can we change the sentence i am grateful to you in negative?

i am not grateful to you.

How is this sentence a paradox and nothing is what it is not?

Double negative.

What is the negative sentence of he is against dishonesty?

He is not for honesty

What are the words that make a sentence negative?

these are the words that make sentence negative- no,not,none,never,nobody,noman----like these, hardly,scarcely,seldom,little,few.

What is a sentence for the word negative acceleration?

Negative acceleration is a fancy way of saying something was stopping. The car experienced negative acceleration.

How can you make a negative sentence into a positive sentence?

My club doesn't give me credit for the programs I design.

Why is it not acceptable to use two negative adverbs in the same sentence?

Because it will make your sentence positive.

How are integers used in a sentence?

Integers can be positive or negative.

How do you use the word negative in a sentence?

You are negatively wrong!

What is the past perfect of catch in negative sentence?


What will be the negative sentence for They waited for us?

They did not wait for us.

What name describes two negative words put together in the same sentence?

This is called a double negative.

How do you use positive number in a sentence?

A negative number multiplied by a negative number will yield a positive number.

A sentence for negative acceleration?

As the taxi driver braked sharply, my friend said "Wow, negative acceleration!"

Hitherto at the beginning of a sentence?

Yes. The word 'hitherto' can be used in the beginning of a sentence, generally, in a negative sentence; e.g. "Hitheto, we have discussed about negative effects of radiation, and now, we will discuss the positive aspects of radiation and its uses in various aspects of our life".

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