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a straight line

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Q: What The data points on a nonlinear graph form?
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Plotted data points representing acceleration in a distance-time graph form a?


Why do you put data into a graph form?

With a graph you get an almost instant visual image of the data presented.

What does a graph show in picture form?

variables facts data information

What depicts data in graphical form?

A graph or chart.

What best describes a bar graph?

points on an axis connected to form a line

What is a way of showing data in a pictorial form?

A graph can show data in pictorial form - pie or block versions are very common It's actually called a chart. It's not a graph.

What is a method of displaying data in a pictorial form?

Chart or graph.

How are bar graphs and picture graph different?

Graphs are pictures that help us understand amounts. These amounts are called data. There are many kinds of graphs, each having special parts. A circle graph is shaped like a circle. It is divided into fractions that look like pieces of pie, so sometimes a circle graph is called a pie graph. Many times the fractional parts are different colors and a key explains the colors. A bar graph uses bars to show data. The bars can be vertical (up and down), or horizontal (across). The data can be in words or numbers. A picture graph uses pictures or symbols to show data. One picture often stands for more than one vote so a key is necessary to understand the symbols. A histogram is a special kind of bar graph. The data must be shown as numbers in order. A line graph shows points plotted on a graph. The points are then connected to form a line.

What is the definition of tabular and graphical form?

Tabular refers to the representation of data in a table. Graphical form refers to the representation of data in a graph.

What kind of graph represents data as slices of a pie?

It is a graph in the form of a circle representing 360 degrees around it.

What does a bar graph mean?

A bar graph is a collection of data, put in a table- in the form of bars. The graph will have information on the bottom-top, and either side.

What is the advantage of presenting data in table form?

Depends on advantage compared to what. There may not be any advantage compared with representing data in graph form.

What is a graphical form of showing discrete data?

the graphical is a graph on which we express the pattern in graphical form.

What best describes a line graph?

Points on an axis connected to form a line

What is a way of showing your data in pictorial form called?

Graph or Chart...!

What must you do with data after you collect it?

I would suggest to put it in graph form.

A way of showing data in a pictorial form?

a graph or a chart

What if your data doesn't graph into a straight line?

Many sets of data do not form into straight lines. If by "What if" you mean how to plot a line onto this graph. Then simply draw a curved line of best fit.

What is a picto graph?

A graph that shows little pictures. If I had a graph about cats I might show cat faces in a picto graph as a form of data, so if there were 10 cats to be displayed in the graph it would be with cat faces and not bars or lines.

The graph of a function of the form y equals ax passes through which points?

The origin and infinitely many other points of the form (x, ax) where x is any real number.

What would a strong association but weak correlation look like?

If the form is nonlinear (like if the data is in the shape of a parabola) then there could be a strong association and weak correlation.

How are line graph and bar graph the same?

Because they both produce the exact same data except one is in bar form and the other is a line....

How Cell behavior based on nonlinear dynamic systems?

Movement of ions across cellular membranes is nonlinear because the channels that allow the movement is either on or off. The on and off states form a discontinuous (nonlinear) behavior. Cellular action potential firing is also nonlinear in form, but this is caused by the behavior of the ion channels.

What is the same between a line plot and bar graph?

They are both representations of data in visual form.

How do you graph a line using slope intercept form of a linear equation?

you create ordered pairs or a serious of (x,y) points on the graph which you can plot and connect with a straight line