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a straight line

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Q: What The data points on a nonlinear graph form?
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Plotted data points representing acceleration in a distance-time graph form a?


What is a pictorial representation of data?

Which of the following is not a form of presenting data?

Why do you put data into a graph form?

With a graph you get an almost instant visual image of the data presented.

What depicts data in graphical form?

A graph or chart.

What if your data doesn't graph into a straight line?

If your data doesn't graph into a straight line, it may suggest a nonlinear relationship between the variables. In such cases, you can try fitting a curve or using a different type of regression analysis, such as polynomial regression or exponential regression, to better capture the underlying relationship in your data. It's important to choose the appropriate model that best fits your data and the underlying theory.

What is a method of displaying data in a pictorial form?

Chart or graph.

What is a way of showing data in a pictorial form?

A graph can show data in pictorial form - pie or block versions are very common It's actually called a chart. It's not a graph.

How do you graph when the equation is not slope intercept form?

To graph an equation that is not in slope-intercept form, you can use the process of finding points on the graph and plotting them. Choose a few x-values, plug them into the equation to find the corresponding y-values, and plot those points on the graph. Then, connect the points with a smooth line to complete the graph.

What does a graph mean?

A bar graph is a collection of data, put in a table- in the form of bars. The graph will have information on the bottom-top, and either side.

What is the definition of tabular and graphical form?

Tabular refers to the representation of data in a table. Graphical form refers to the representation of data in a graph.

What is a way of showing your data in pictorial form called?

Graph or Chart...!

What must you do with data after you collect it?

I would suggest to put it in graph form.