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Q: What Unnoticed injuries with affects that may be delayed for months or years?
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How do you use 'justice delayed is justice denied' in a sentence?

Waiting eight months for a magistrate to render a decision is the definition of "justice delayed is justice denied".

If a achild is not walking by 14 months of age the caregiver should?

The parents need to go see a doctor. At 14 months the child's development is delayed.

9 months delayed menses?

If you are not pregnant go see a doctor since you might have a hormonal problem.

What are the effects if an infant age 4 to 6 months that is malnourished as they age?

Delayed growth and possible death. Heheheh.

Do the majority of lower back injuries settle down within 6 months?


How long does it take for sea otters to have a baby?

Reports on sea otter gestation range from four to nine months, with an average of six months. This probably includes a period of delayed implantation of two to three months.

Is your son delayed if he is not clapping his hands and picking up small items with his thumb and index finger at 15 months old?

Generally, those two particular skills are supposed to appear around 9-11 months, so at 15 months your son may be a bit delayed (but not necessarily--all kids are different). You should take your son to a pediatrician for an examination and further testing.

Did the US go to war with Iraq when forces invaded Kuwait?

Yes, but the intervention was delayed for six months to get the necessary UN approval.

When does a human baby get its first tooth?

The average child get's it's first tooth around 6 months of age, though some start earlier and others start as late as a year.Usually it is the top or bottom incisors (front teeth) that emerge first.

How long did tewkesbury flood for?

The floods caused a lot of damage which look weeks to clear up the primary affects but the secondary affects went on for months.

A teratogen affects the fetus most seriously?

during the first three months of pregnancy

Would a soldier who died a few months after being sent home from Vietnam with injuries be considered Kia?

No, although they were killed by injuries from action, they wouldn't be classed as "KIA", as they weren't killed during the war.