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Yes, what about them!

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Q: What about ration books 1 and 4?
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Who invented ration books?

who invented the ration books

What part of speech is ration books?

Ration books is a plural noun. The singular is ration book.

What were the tabs in the ration books called?

Ration Tabs

Where there ration books during World War I?

The European countries involved in World War 1 introduced food rationing. Obviously, this involved issuing ration-books.

What color ration books were there?

the colours of ration books were red = adult green=general blue=child

How were ration books used?

Ration books were handed out during the World War 2, to help ration food, fuels & other important products.

How many ration books were issued in world war two?

Ration books were issued by the US government to allow everyone to have the same chance to get goods as everyone else. There is no exact number on how many ration books were issued but over 8000 ration offices were opened to control the rationing.

When were ration books brought into use and taken out of use?

In Britain ration books where brought out in January 8th, 1940 and were taken out of use in 1954.

What do ration books look like?

Ration books looked like little notebooks but inside them they're like little letter stamps

Did the soldiers in world war 2 get ration books too?

No, soldiers on active duty did not require ration books, the service provided for their needs.

How many rations did they have in there ration book?

basically everything, people had ration books for just sugar

Coupons used during the war to purchase items?

called ration books or ration coupons.

Did soldiers get ration books in World War 2?


List equivalent ration to 10 to 4?

5:2 or 2.5:1

Were there ration books in Australia in World War 2?

Yes there were.

What were the colors of the ration books?

yellow, red, green, blue.

Why were the ration books different colours in WW2?

The colour of a ration book was very important as it made sure you had the right amount and types of food needed for your health. There are three different colours. Buff coloured ration books were for most aduts. Green ration book were for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5. Blue ration books were for children between the age of 5 and 16 years old.

Did Australia use ration books in the great depression?

yes they did they had very small rations as well around 1 egg a week for 1 person

Did America use ration books during the great depression?


When did ration books come out?

in ancient Egyptian times when Cleopatra was queen

Who gave out ration books in World War 2?

The Ministry of Food

What were the coupons called in the Anne Frank diary?

They are called ration books

Why was anne frank and her family concerned about their names in the ration books?


Were World War 2 ration books distributed to children?

yes there was

Why did the government issue ration books during World War 2?

the British and US governments both issued ration books during WWII. they did this in Britain because Britain largely imported much of the "the necessities"(including but not limited to: sugar, tea, oil, wood, and produce). After WWII began, the Germans diseverly cut the amount of supplies reaching Britain by attacking the ships that carried them. In order to make sure that there was enough to go around, the British Government issued ration books(for more in fo about ration books in Britain, see what were ration books) in the US, ration books were issued so that the government could provide enough supplies to its soldiers. It was all to support the war effort.