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The arithmetic logic unit or ALU performs arithmetic, logic, and integer operations. ALU was created by mathematician John von Neumann in 1945.

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Q: What activities are carried out by the arithmetic logic unit?
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The - unit coordinates all activities from CPU?

The control unit coordinates all activities of a CPU. The other parts of a CPU are arithmetic logic unit and memory.

ALU stand for?

Arithmetic logic unit

What are the functions of arithmetic logic unit?

The Arithmetic Logic Unit as suggested by the name carries out the arithmetic calculations of the computer.

What is the logic unit is the part of the CPU which performs all of the calculations?

The ALU performs arithmetic and logic operations. ALU stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit.

What is ALU?

arithmetic logic unit

Which part of CPU performs all arithmetic and logic calculations on data it receives?

The "arithmetic logic unit" performs these operations in classical standard microprocessor architectures

What is the part of the CPU that does mathematical processing is called?

That's done by the ALU (arithmetic and logic unit).

The control unit and the arithmetic logic unit are located in the?


What performs arithmetic and logic calculations?

There is a special part of the CPU that performs Arithmetic and Logical calculations. Its called Arithmetic Logic Unit ( ALU ).

Which part of the computer carries out arithmetic operations?

The arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) within the computer's central processing unit (CPU) carries out arithmetic operations. Some designs also support a dedicated floating-point processing unit (FPU), which carries out arithmetic, trigonometric and logic operations based on floating-point variable types.

What is a component of the central processing unit?

Arithmetic Logic UnitControl Unit

What is the component of central processing unit?

Arithmetic Logic UnitControl Unit