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The Parthenon in Greece uses the golden ratio as well as the Pyramids of Giza

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Q: What architecture uses the golden ratio?
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What uses the golden ratio?

art, architecture, and music

What is a ratio frequently seen in art and architecture?

Golden Ratio

Why is the golden ratio used in art and architecture?

It is pleasing to the human eye.

How is golden ratio used in architecture?

In italy, the Pantheon, however has the golden ratio. Its pillars below the roof is a rectangle, the golden rectangle, on the roof (top part) is a triangle, the golden triangle.

How is the golden ratio beautiful?

It has been found to be aesthetically pleasing - in art, architecture etc

Where is the golden ratio used?

The golden ratio = 1.8618033969... It is used in art, architechture and music. In the related links box below I posted a link showing the uses of the golden ratio.

What has the golden ratio in it?

A great many things have the golden ratio in them varying from things fabricated by humans such as architecture, the proportions of the sides of a book also fall into the golden ratio. The golden ratio also occurs naturally for example the spiral in the snail's shell falls into the golden ratio. Generally most man made things have the golden ratio in them as it has been found quite simply, to look good.

Why is the Golden Ratio called the Golden Ratio?

Because it is an unusual ratio and therefore should be given a different name to differentiate it from other common ratios. Gold is valuable and "Golden" is attributed to that which is attractive. The "Golden Ration" is considered attractive and has many uses.

What role did the golden ratio play in Greek Architecture?

The common belief is that the Greeks used the golden ratio (~1.618) for the relation between a building's length and its height. Mario Livio, who wrote a book on the golden ratio, claims that these ratios are actually somewhere between 1.4 and 2.0, so that may have been a myth.

What is Vitruvian Man golden ratio?

Vitruvia Man is a famous ink drawing by Leonardo DaVinci.In it, DaVinci uses the golden ratio several times to make the proportions of the male figure.

What are the numbers for the golden ratio?

The numbers for the golden ratio are 1.618

What are the dimensions of the golden ratio?

The golden ratio is a pure number and so has no dimensions.The golden ratio is a pure number and so has no dimensions.The golden ratio is a pure number and so has no dimensions.The golden ratio is a pure number and so has no dimensions.

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