What are 20?

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This is just a suggestion but consider comparing/contrasting a dog, cat, horse, mouse, snake, amoeba, fish and a human for what should provide more than twenty specific adaptations. Then consider why each animal is built that way.

In reality there are multiple adaptations associated with a single characteristic.

Some General Categories (some more specific than others as I am winging it)

teeth (grinding, shearing, hollow....none)

scales (no scales...)

bones (cartilage, no cartilage, entirely cartilage...

hair (hollow, undercoat, long, short...)

legs (no legs, long, short, jointed, 1 toe, 2 toes...)

camouflage (spots, stripes, agouti, dilute...)


ability to stand upright

hands (opposable thumbs...)

vocal cords




tails (no tails)

claws (retractable, non retractable, short long, sharp dull)


locomotion (cilia, flagella, water jet, current,

fat as insulation (blubber, fat...oil)

hibernation, estivation, brumation

multiple organ systems

Oh...and a brain...

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