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Q: What are 3 things a graph must have?
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What are the three different things that every graph must have?

title, lable, data

Creating a title and labeling the axes are two things you must do when making a?


What 3 things are important when creating bar graph?

I know two parts of making a bar graph is Title, and Labels.

Which of these can be inferred from the information on the graph?

Since there is no graph, no information conveyed by the graph and no list of things that may or may not be inferred, the question may well seem pointless to many readers, while to the rest, it must certainly be judged meaningless.

Can you plot the same things from a frequency graph on a line graph?

yes you can plot same things from a frequency graph on a line graph because it is the same thing :) peace

If x equals 3 then graph the function x equals -3x plus 3?

First of all, if 'x' is 3, then 'x' doesn't equal -3x+3 . You must mean y = -3x + 3.If x=3, then (-3x + 3) = -6 .The graph is the point (3, -6) .

What are to things to determine before making a graph?

the axes, the scale, the type of graph, lots of things to think about

What does y-x-2 look like on a graph?

You could not graph (y-x-2) because it has no equal sign in it. In order to graph an equation, there must be a value that the numbers and variables are equal to. (e.g. y=2x+3)

What is the difference between a bar graph and a double bar graph?

a bar graph is just a graph but a double bar graph compares 2 things!

What type of graph do you use when you are comparing things?

A double bar graph

What is the scale for the line graph?

The scale can be anything that you choose - but you must give it with the graph.

What type of graph do you use when you are comparing things that is not a double bar graph?

you would use a line graph