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First of all, if 'x' is 3, then 'x' doesn't equal -3x+3 . You must mean y = -3x + 3.

If x=3, then (-3x + 3) = -6 .

The graph is the point (3, -6) .

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Q: If x equals 3 then graph the function x equals -3x plus 3?
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How do you graph -3x plus y equals -6?


How do you graph 3x plus y equals 6?

Rearrange the equation to read : y = 6 - 3x and graph normally.

How can you define when the Graph is Function or not?

If a graph is a function, it will always have y=... or x=... (or anoher letter equals an equation) for example y= 3x-12 is a function

Is y equals -3x plus 3 a function?


Is y equals 3x plus 1 and -2x2 a function?


Describes the graph of the equations 2y equals 3x plus 2 and 4y equals 6x plus 1?

The lines are parallel.

Rewrite the equation in function form -3x plus y equals 12?


Is the following a linear function 3x plus 4y plus 2 equals 0?


Is y equals 3x squared plus 2x -3 a function?


What is y equals 3x?

I don't understand your question but y=3x is the function of a graph, to graph the function you would plug points into the function such as x=0, x=1, x=-1 and you would find the y values at each point so that you can graph it. In this case the graph is a parabola which has a u shape.

What is 3x plus 5y equals 16 plus -3x -6y equals -15?


Which statement best explains why y equals 15 plus 3x is a function?

If you mean: y = 15+3x then it is the function of a straight line equation.

Which is easier to graph 3x 4y equals 8 or y equals -0.75x plus 2?

They are the same equation just written differently so they are both easy to graph.

What happen to the graph of the line y equals 3x-2 when the equation is changed to y equals 3x plus 6?

The starting point on the y-axis changes from -2 to 6.

What equation has a graph parallel to the graph of 9x plus 3y equals -22?

3x + y = c where c is any constant number of your choice.

What is the answer to 3x plus 9?

3x plus 9 equals what?

An equation of the line tangent to the graph of y equals x3 plus 3x2 plus 2 at its point of inflection is?

(a) y = -3x + 1

What is 3x plus 2 equals 3x plus 6?

3x + 2 = 3x + 6 This is not possible.

What kind of graph represents 3x plus y equals negative 1?

3x + y = -1 y = -3x - 1 The graph is a straight line, with a slope of -3, passing through the point Y = -1 on the y-axis.

3x plus 2y equals 4 -3x plus 4y equals -10?

(2, -1)

Are y equals -3x plus 2 and y plus 3x equals 4 parallel?

Their graphs are.

What best describes the function below fx equals 2x2-3x plus 1?

B- It is a many-to-one function

What is the difference between y equals 3x plus 5 and 6 equals 3x plus 5?

what is a slope

What would be the corresponding graph for y equals -3x?

The graph of [ y = -3x ] is a straight line, through the origin, with slope of -3 .

2x plus 3x equals?

2x+3x = 5x