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Q: What are 4 other ways to say half?
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What is one half of something is 9?

Your question could be interpreted several ways. If you meant to say What if one half of something is 9, then the something would be 18. If you meant to say What is one half of 9, then the answer is 4 1/2.

What are some ways to say 4?

you can say 4 like four

How many ways you can arrange abcdef such that b is to the left of e?

There are 6! = 6*5*4*3*2*1 = 720 ways.In half of these b will be to the left of e and in the other half it will be to the right. So the answer is 360 ways.

Is there going to be a Ty the Tasmanian tiger 4?

Half of online sources for this question say yes, while the other half say no. But, you can see that they are coming out with a Ty game for the App Store.

How many different ways can you make 1.25 using dollars half dollars and quarters?

There are 4.

What are 4 ways to say divide?

DivideDivisionSharedDividedKira :)Happy to help

How ways cam you arrange a 4 letter word Adam?

If you have 4 DIFFERENT letters, there are 24 ways - this is equal to 4! (that is, the factorial of 4). Because of the two repeated letters, if you do this, you get every valid combination repeated twice (i.e., by exchanging one "a" with the other "a" you get an identical combination). Therefore the real number of arrangements is only one-half that value.

The sum of two numbers is 70 One number is 8 more than the other Whats the smaller number?

Well, split 70 in half: 35 + 35. Add 4 (half of the 8) to one half: 39. Subtract 4 (the other half of 8) from the other half: 31. The smaller number is 31.

How many hours flight from china 2 austallia?

hours? i'd say 3 and a half to 4 and a half hours

How do you say explore in other languages?

In Spanish: Explorar In French: ExplorerIn German: ErkundanIn Japanese: SaguruThose are 4 of the ways to say explore in 4 different languages.Request more if I did not do the language you wanted.

What is the area of a square or triangle?

To work out area of tringle you say half base x height. So if your base was 4 & height was 6 you would say half of 4 which is 2 x by height which is 6 which is 12 (6x2)

What is a term for a half globe?

Hemisphere. There are 4 hemispheres because the earth can be divided in half two different ways. You could divide into Western and Eastern or into Southern and Northen.