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Line joining the points of equal variation is known as Iogonic line and

the line joining the points of zero variation is know as Agonic line.

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Q: What are Isogonic and Agonic lines?
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What is an agonic point?

An agonic point is o location where a magnetic needle points North without declination.

What is an agonic line?

An agonic line is a line on a chart or map showing points of zero magnetic declination.

An isogonic line on the earth's surface is a line connecting all points at which?

line connecting magnetic north

Imaginary band connects two points on earth's surface with zero magnetic variation?

The Equator

What is the name given to a shape with no angles or inclinations?

A shape with no angles or inclinations is called an 'agonic' which comes from the Greek language.

What is ten words with the prefix agon?

Agonize, agonistic, agony, agonizing, agonal, agone, agones, agons, agonic, agonist.

What has the author Robert L Faris written?

Robert L. Faris has written: 'Distribution of the magnetic declination in the United States for January 1, 1910 with isogonic chart and secular change tables' -- subject(s): Geomagnetism, Observations

Different types of lines in mathematics?

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What are The lines that intercept latitude lines on a map Are lines of what?

The lines that intercept latitude lines are lines of longitude.

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VERTICAL LINES-lines that are at right angle and or perpendicular to a plane.HORIZONTAL LINES-lines that are parallel to the horizon.ANGULAR LINES-lines that have sharp edges. They can be long or short.CURVE LINES-lines that are without angles.SLANTING OR DIAGONAL-lines that suggest action or movement.JAGGED LINES-lines that are harsh and unpleasant.

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Either parallel lines or longitudinal lines are opposite transversal lines.