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Q: What are The planets from largest diameter to smalles diameter?
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What inner planet has the largest diameter?

Earth has the largest diameter of the four inner planets (12,756km at the equator).

Of the four planets closest to the sun which is the largest?

With a diameter of 12756 km, Earth is the largest of the four inner planets. Venus is the next largest inner planet after the Earth with a diameter of 12104 km.

Which is the largest of the terrestrial planets and what is its diameter?

Earth, 7,920 miles

What are the Different between inner planets and outer planets?

INNER PLANETS - SmallEarth is the largest of the Inner Planets, with a diameter of 12,756 km (7,926 miles). Mercury is the smallest with a diameter of 4,878 km (3,031 miles)OUTER PLANETS - Huge!Jupiter, the largest planet, has a diameter of 142,984 km (88,846 miles). Neptune is the smallest of the Outer Planets with a diameter of 49,532 km (30,779 miles)

Largest planets in the solar system?

The largest planets in our Solar system are:Jupiter - which has a mass of 1899x1024 kg and a diameter of 142,984 km.Saturn - which has a mass of 568x1024 kg and a diameter of 120,536 km.Uranus - which has a mass of 86.8x1024 kg and a diameter of 51,118 km.Neptune - which has a mass of 102x1024 kg and a diameter of 49,528 km.

What is the size range among the planets?

Mercury is around 4,880km in diameter, the smallest planet, while Jupiter has the largest diameter of all the planets in our solar system, 142,985km at the equator (11.2 times that of earths).

The smallest of the outer planets?

Mercury is both the smalles inner planet, and smallest planet in our entire solar system.

Which planet is 88850 miles in diameter?

Jupiter, it has the largest diameter of all the planets in our solar system, 88,850 miles or 142,985km at the equator (11.2 time that of earths).

Is Uranus largest 2nd largest or 3rd largest or the smallest?

Uranus is the third largest planet in our Solar System, with a diameter of 51,118 km. The largest and second largest planets are Jupiter and Saturn, respectively. The smallest planet is Mercury.

Which terrestrial planet is largest?

There are four terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Of these planets, Earth is the largest and Mercury is the smallest.

Which are the three largest planets in your solar system?

1 -Jupiter. Diameter = 142,984km or 11.21 x Earths2- Saturn. Diameter = 120,534km or 9.45 x Earths3- Uranus. Diameter = 51,114km or 4.01 x Earths

What is the combined diameter of all the inner planets?

the combined diameter of the inner planets is 22,690 miles, or 26% the diameter of Jupiter.