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The largest staircase comosite largest staircase composite is the number 2223 because 1 is not counted as a prime so the 1 digit prime is 2, the smalles 2 digit prime is 11 and smallest 3 digit prime is 101

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Q: What is the largest staircase composite?
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Is 77777 a staircase composite?


Why is 77777 a staircase composite?

it is a staircase composite because it has three prime factors which are 7, 41 and 271. hope i could help.

How do you show that 6487 is not a staircase composite?

cheating it is not aloud.

Prove that 77777 is a staircase composite?

It is a stair case composite as it is the product of 7, 41, and 271.

What is a staircase composite?

A number is called a staircase composite number when it has three prime factors that have different sized digits: the first is one digit, the second is two digits and the third is three digits. For example: [7] [41] [271] x 77 777 77 777 would be the staircase composite number.

What are the largest composite numbers before 100?

99 is the largest composite number before 100.

What are the biggest composite numbers?

No "largest" composite number exists.

What is the ninth largest composite number?

There are an infinite number of both primes and composite numbers. There is no largest of either.

What is the largest 1 digits composite numbers?

The largest single-digit composite is nine (9).

What is the longest consecutive composite number?

There is no largest composite number. Nor is there a largest sequence of consecutive composite numbers - those sequences can become arbitrarily long.

Name the largest composite number between 1 and 60?

The largest composite number between 1 and 60 (inclusive) is 60. The largest composite number between 1 and 60 (exclusive) is 58.

What is the largest composite number between 1 and 60?

As an even number, the largest composite number between 1 and 60 is 60.

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