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A few hundred or so, depending on condition.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-23 23:38:11
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Q: What are Traditions Lightning fluted-barrel nickel-finish 50cal muzzleloaders worth?
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Where can i purchase Traditions lightning 45 ld muzzleloader parts?

Ill give you the whole gun for 75 dollars.

Why are there different lightning types?

There are different types of lightning depending on how the lightning reflects off the clouds. There is normal lightning, sheet lightning, heat lightning, ball lightning, red sprite lightning, and blue jet lightning.

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The ground

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the sheet lightning is more mild then the ball lightning

What are the 4 types of lightning?

Cloud-to-ground lightningGround-to-cloud lightningCloud-to-cloud lightningDry lightningRocket lightningPositive lightningBall lightningUpper-atmospheric lightning

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There are several types of lightning:Cloud-to-ground lightning which includes bead lightning, ribbon lightning, Ssaccato lightning and forked lightningGround-to-cloud lightningCloud-to-cloud lightning which includes sheet lightning and heat lightningDry lightningRocket lightningPositive lightningBall lightningUpper-atmospheric lightning with exotic names like sprites, Bbue jets and elvesand there is more but i cant remember, go to wikipedia

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Sheet lightning is Cloud to Cloud where Lightning is Cloud to Ground.

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hold a lightning rod up to the sky while lightning is striking

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Globe (or ball) lightning is the rarest lightning.

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Nothing. Heat lightning is just lightning too far away to be heard.

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Heat lightning is just ordinary lightning that is too far away for you to hear the thunder.

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Protect the high buildings, structures from lightning using lightning spike, lightning mast , earth wire.

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A lightning bolt A lightning leader A lightning strike A lightning stroke

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Lightning causes thunder

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Someone stole Zeus' Master Lightning bolt.

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The noun lightning itself (electrical discharge) is used as a noun adjunct, rather than an adjective, in such terms as lightning bolt or lightning rod. Only when the intent is to show great speed or quickness (lightning speed, lightning reflexes) is lightning an adjective.

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What is sky lightning called?


What is the base word for lightning?


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