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1 It was conceived before the concept of zero

2 It was the 1st counting integer in most of the ancient numeracy systems

3 It's I as a Roman numeral

4 Its multiples are the Roman numerals of M D C L X V and I

5 It's a rational number

6 It's not a Prime number

7 It's not a composite number

8 It's an odd number

9 It's expressed as 1/1 as a fraction

10 It's expressed as 2/2 as an equivalent fraction

11 It's expressed as 1.0 as a decimal

12 It's expressed as 100% as a percentage

13 It's a prime number when doubled up to 11

14 It doesn't change any number when raised by its power

15 Its square root is 1 making it a square number

16 It's the maximum value that an event will occur in probability

17 It's opposite to 6 on a dice

18 It remains as 1 when raised by the power of any number

19 It's a factor of all integers except 0

20 Its best pal is 0 because they form the binary system

21 It's infinite when 10/9 is converted into a decimal

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Q: What are a score or more facts about 1?
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