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There are very many attributes. Some of these are:It is a two-dimensional shape.

It has four sides.

The sides are of equal length.

It has two pairs of parallel sides.

It has four vertices.

Each vertex is a right angle.

It has two diagonals.

The diagonals bisect each other.

The diagonals meet at right angles.

It has rotational symmetry of order four.

It has four axes of reflective symmetry.

If the sides are of rational length then the diagonals are of irrational length (and conversely).

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Does a square have all the attributes of a rhombus?


Do squares have attributes of a rhombus?

Yes, a square has all the attributes of a rhombus because a square is a rhombus. It is merely a special case of a rhombus with eall equal sides and all 90 degree angles.

Does a rectangle have all the same attributes as a square?

No. All of a square's sides are the same size.

What are the attribute of a square?

It has four equal sides meeting at right angles. All other attributes can be derived from these.

What are some other attributes for a square?


What are 4 attributes of a square?

4 sides Each side is of equal length All corners 90 degrees

What are attributes of a square?

A square has 2 pairs of parallel sides and opposite sides are equal.

What is text attributes?

Text attributes are the characteristics of text. Font, size, and style are all attributes of text.

What type of graph shows attributes?

All graphs show attributes. Some attributes may be qualitative, others quantitative.

What are 4 attributes of a rhombus?

1. All 4 sides same length 2. Is a parallelogram 3. Opposite angles are equal 4. Can be a square if all angles are 90°

List three attributes of a square?

1) All sides are the same length 2) All angles are 90 degrees or right angles. 3) Opposite sides are parallel.

What quadrilaterals have the same attributes of a rectangle?

If the attributes of a rectangle are considered to be:it has two pairs of parallel sidesopposite sides are equal in lengthall angles are 90°the diagonals are equal and bisectThen only a square also has those attributes. If it is a further requirement that the two pairs of opposite sides are such that in each pair the lengths of the sides are the same, but the lengths of those two pairs are different, then only a rectangle is a rectangle.

What are five attributes of a square?

It is a polygon. It has four sides of equal length. It has four angles which are all right angles. Its two diagonals bisect each other at right angles. Its area is the square of the length of its side.

What quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and equal in length?

a square and a rhombus share these attributes

What are the attributes of a square and a rhombus?

A rhombus is any four-sided figure whose sides are equal. A square is any rhombus with a right angle in it.

Is a rectangle a quadrilateral that does not have all the attributes of a parallelogram?


What are attributes to a square?

artttibrutes are a sque ra rthat has beeen produced thamkd forn dlistening

What are all attributes of a parallelogram?

A defining attribute is that it has two pairs of parallel sides. There are lots of other attributes which can be derived from this.

What would the cardinal attributes of GOD mean?

Attribute refers to "how God is". For example, He is usually believed to be all-powerful, all-knowing, benevolent, etc. "Cardinal" means, those attributes which are considered most important.

What other planets have the same attributes as mars?

all planets.

What are some attributes of a quadrilateral?

they have 4 sides not all congruent

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Types of Attributes in Dbms areKey or non key attributesRequired or optional AttributesSimple or composite AttributesSingle-valued and multi-valued AttributesStored, Coded or derived Attributes

Trap bakugan tripod has three attributes do you get to use all of them?

No you don't. You can choose only one of the attributes and use it to change your bakugan's attribute.

Explain different types of attributes with example in DBMS.?

Different types of attributes in DBMS are:Key or non key attributesRequired or optional AttributesSimple or composite AttributesSingle-valued and multi-valued AttributesStored, Coded or derived Attributes

What are types of attributes in database systems?

Types of attributes are 1.simple and composite attributes 2.single valued and multivalued attributes 3.derived and null attributes

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