What are all of the kinds of symmetry?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: What are all of the kinds of symmetry?
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Related questions

What are the kinds of symmetry?

Asymmetry, Radial Symmetry, and Bilateral symmetry.

Do any kinds of triangle have rotational symmetry but no lines of symmetry?


What kinds of symmetry do an parallelogram have?

Parallelogram symmetry such as a rectangular square, which door is a specialparallelogram.

Is Y and N are symmentrical?

Yes but they have different kinds of symmetry. Y has lateral symmetry while N has rotational symmetry.

Why do animals have different kinds of symmetry?

They're from different lineages. The closer the relatives, the more they share the same symmetry.

What symmetry do geckos have?

Bilateral symmetry. All vertebrae are bilateral symmetry.

What type of symmetry do all vertebrates have?

All vertebrates have bilateral symmetry.

What kind of symmetry is a man?

Bilateral symmetry. All humans have bilateral symmetry.

How many line of symmetry does a cube have?

There are three kinds of symmetries for a cube: planes of symmetry, lines of symmetry and a center of symmetry.A cube has:9 planes of symmetry13 lines of symmetry1 center of symmetry (at the center of the cube)

What is the only kingdom that has symmetry?

All the kingdoms have symmetry.

What you should write in math project about symmetry?

At the very least, define the term, write about different kinds of symmetry, and give examples of each. You might also add how symmetry is used in the real world.

What kind of body symmetry do vertebrates have?

Symmetry in animals is something that is very important. It is a big part of classification in animals. Nearly all multi-cellular organisms exhibit one or other type of symmetry such as radial or bilateral. For more on this see the source.