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There are 8 possible numbers.

The last digit can be 1 or 7 since the number is odd.

The first digit can be any of the three except 0 since then it would not

be a 4 digit number, but once you pick the last digit, there are really only 2 numbers left for the first digit.

So let's use 1 as the last digit

the numbers are

7401, 7041, 4701, 4071.

Now use 7 as the last digit.

We have 1407, 1047, 4107, 4017.

So the 8 numbers are:

7401, 7041, 4701, 4071,1407, 1047, 4107, 4017

( the number of possible numbers is 8 since that is 23 . There are 2 choices for

the last digit, the once we pick that 2 choices for the first digit. For either of the remaining two digits there are 2 choices and then the last digit is fixed.)

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Q: What are all of the possible odd 4 digit number using 1 4 7 0?
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