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intersecting, parallel, acute, right ,obtuse, straight, perpendicular, reflex

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Q: What are all the angles in geometry?
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How do you use geometry in math?

Geometry is all about the study of angles, lines, planes, and shapes

How is geometry related to architecture?

When you are designing something you have to have all the correct angles and that is where the geometry kicks in.

Are all right angles congruent in spherical geometry?


Geometry help with angles within a cube?

All angles in cubes should be 90 degrees.

In geometry How do you prove true congruences?

When all the dimensions and angles are identical.

How many right angles in a square geometry?

There are four right angles in a square or rectangular geometry

What is a regular object?

In geometry, a regular object has all sides and all angles equal.

What shape has 4 sides and all angles equal?

Presuming our geometry is Euclidean, such a shape would be a rectangle, since all 4 angles would be right angles. If our geometry is hyperbolic, it would be possible to construct such a quadrilateral which is not a rectangle (and in fact, rectangles cannot exist in a hyperbolic geometry). I do not believe such a quadrilateral has any special name.

What is the difference between geometry and solid geometry?

The difference between regular geometry and solid geometry is that regular geometry deals with angles, measuring angles, and theorem/postulates. Solid geometry deals with shapes and multiple sided figures.

What is the difference between angles of trigonometry and angles of geometry?

In geometry, angles are studied mostly in relation to each other. In Trigonometry, angles are studied in relation to side lengths and triangles.

In spherical geometry which indicates the possible number of right angles a triangle may have?

All three interior angles of a spherical triangle may be right angles.

What triangle has 2 acute angles?

In Euclidean geometry a right angle triangle has two acute angles. All others have three.