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The difference between regular geometry and solid geometry is that regular geometry deals with angles, measuring angles, and theorem/postulates. Solid geometry deals with shapes and multiple sided figures.

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Q: What is the difference between geometry and solid geometry?
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What is the difference between a plane geometry and a solid geometry?

one is plane and one is solid

What was the difference between solid analYtic geometry and plane analYtic geometry?

solid geometry deals with 3 dimensional figures while plane geometry deals with 2 dimensional.

What is the difference between a platonic solid and a polyhedron?

WHat is the difference between polyheron and platonic solid

What is 3d geometry?

Solid geometry.

What is the mix of geometry and algebra?

solid geometry

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What are the Top two types of geometry?

Plane Geometry and Solid Geometry

What is the difference between geometry and math?

Geometry is a type of math. Math encompasses many types of numerical patterns. Geometry is math that applies to geometric shapes.

What is the difference between trigonometry and geometry?

Trigonometry is specificly the study of a right triangle. For example, what is the cosine? Geometry is the study on shapes.

What is difference in volumes between liquid nitrogen and solid nitrogen?

The volume of a liquid is typically smaller than that of the corresponding solid because the molecules are more tightly packed in the solid phase due to the stronger intermolecular forces. In the case of nitrogen, the volume of liquid nitrogen is smaller than that of solid nitrogen because the molecules in liquid nitrogen are more closely packed than in solid nitrogen.

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Driving Dimension: the geometry is controlled by the dimension. Driven Dimension: the dimension is controlled by the geometry.