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there is no answer because numbers go on forever!

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Q: What are all the numbers dividable by 3?
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What numbers are dividable by 2 and 5?

They are the numbers that end with a 0

Up to 36 what numbers are dividable by 4?


Is 367 dividable by 3?

No, it is not.

If every digit of a number is dividable by 3 then the number itself is divisible by 3?

I'm not quite sure about that theory, but if all the numbers in the number add up to a number that's dividable by 3, then the number itself would then be divisible by 3. Ex. 141 1+4+1= 6 6 is divisible by 3, so 141 is too. 141/3= 47.

If one three-digit number is chosen at random from all those that can be made from the above set of digits find the probability that one is not multiple of 5?

An interesting question. The answer is 80%. A number must end in 0 or 5 to be dividable by 5. From 100 to 109 (10 numbers in total), there will be 2 numbers that are dividable by 5. If I then consider the entire set from 100 to 999 is 900 numbers, you have 90 sets of 10 numbers, each set with 2 dividable number, or 180/900 = 2/10 =20%. If 20% are dividable, 80% aren't. Suppose I extended the question, and say my set is all whole positive numbers and zero with n digits or less, where I pick n randomly from 1 to a million. If from this set, a number is picked randomly, what is the chance that it is dividable by 5. Answer: 20%.

Is there any prime numbers divisible by two and why?

2 is the only prime number dividable by 2. to be a prime number, it must only be dividable by 1 and itself. This is the reason why 2 is the only prime number dividable by 2. If any other number was dividable by two then it would not be prime any more

Is 3 dividable by 42?

3/42 = 1/14

Is 123 a prime?

No as it is dividable by 3 (123/3=41)

What is dividable by 3 and 4?

0.75.... Think of it as 3/4 which is .75

Three digit numbers that are dividable by three?

There are 300 of them; far too many to enumerate.

Draw a flowchart to accept two numbers and check if the first is divisible by the second?

Convert this in flow chart and see if it can help Start Display "Enter 2 numbers" Accept 2 numbers A & B Divide the A with B Is result Zero? ---- No - A is not Dividable with second Yes - A is Dividable with second End

Why are al numbers that are divisible by 10 also dividable by 2?

Because 10, itself, is divisible by 2.