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Q: What are all the ways you can hi?
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What are all the ways to multiply 140 with 3 factors?


How do you say 'yes' in Japanese?

there might be other ways but all i know is 'hai'(hi) Hai. there is other ways. but i can't remember them.

How do you get a boy that hi doesn't love you for other girl?

the guy with all ways staed with you

How do you say hi to someone you do not know at all?

hi is one of the best ways to talk to someone you don't know yet.i say, go for it!

10 ways to say hi?

Hello, Hey, Howdy, Wassup, Yo, Greetings. All I can think of Lol.

What are two ways that all cells are all alike?

all cells have a nucleus and are covered by a membrane to protect it from getting damaged.

In what ways can people be affected by the forces that shape earths surface?

In all possible ways. We are a part of earth, so with that, a little part of it's surface too.

Hi guys! Hello?

Heyo How are you all Im good I guess

What are ways that people communicate their ideas?

Hi are you gay

What are the 3 ways to say hello?

Three ways are hi, what's up, and hola. Your welcome!

50 ways for a teen to stay healthy?

hi stupid

What are some ways France is different from America?

hi baby