What are convection waves?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Convection waves are a churning upward motion from the up welling of warm liquid or gas, and the concurrent downward flow of cooler material to take its place.

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Q: What are convection waves?
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What does convection look like?

convection waves are invisible you can't see them.

What does a convection wave look like?

Convection waves are invisible: You can't see them.

Does convection transfer heat by electromagnetic waves?


Does heat travel as longitudinal wave?

No. Heat can traveled by conduction, convection, or radiation. Conduction and convection do not involve waves. When heat travels be electromagnetic radiation it takes the form of transverse waves.

How does convection work on a glider?

If the glider has a roasing chicken inside, it will cause some convection waves, this will lift the Glider up.

What type of energy is travels through waves?

radiation and convection currents

What is in Earth's layers that could create a convection current?

Seismic Waves

How are convection currents in water like convection currents in earths mantle?

They both are the same because they are currents that move like waves

The parts of convection current in the mantle are related to plate motions?

Waves is the part of convection current. This is the mantle and is related to plate motions.

What is the difference between radiant energy and convection energy?

Radiant Energy is the Movement of Waves while the Convection Energy is the Movement of Molecules.

In which region of the Sun does energy move as waves that transfer from atom to atom photosphere corona core radiative zone chromosphere convective zone?

The portion of the sun in which energy moves from atom to atom in the form of waves is called the?

How are the parts of a convection current in the mantle related to the plate motions?

convection currents in the mantle basically make waves and the waves move up through the layers of the earth causing the plates to move around a bit