What are desk dimensions?

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29" high (to BOTTOM of desk surface) by 30" deep is very typical. Width varies greatly and should be easier for you to decide upon.

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Q: What are desk dimensions?
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What is the standard dimension of an office desk?

On average the standard desk dimensions are 29 inch high by 30 inch deep.

How many centimeters is a desk?

A desk has a length, a width, and a height. Each of those three dimensions can measure a different number of centimeters.

What are standard desk dimensions?

29" high (to BOTTOM of desk surface) by 30" deep is very typical. Width varies greatly and should be easier for you to decide upon.

What is the best tool to measure a desk?

It depends which property you are measuring. For linear dimensions a tape measure would be best

What metric unit would you be best to measure a desk?

To measure the external dimensions, you would probably use meters. To measure the weight, you'd use grams or kilograms, depending on the size of the desk.

What is the mass of a desk in kilograms?

9kg ************ Surely, it depends on the size (dimensions) and the material the desk is made from (oak weighs heavier than chipboard), as to what the total weight is? For instance, a school desk for a single pupil, will weigh (approximately) half as much as a dual-desk for two pupils. A desk used in the office of a director of a large company, would weigh even more!

How wide is the rectangle the area of the rectangle is 42 the rectangle is 7 inches how wide is the rectangle?

The area of Josephโ€™s rectangular homework desk is 1,008 square inches. If the length of his desk is 42 inches, how wide is his desk?

What is the dimensions of the monitor opening in the hutch?

The size of the hutch is going to depend on where you're placing your desk and how much space you're going to need on the desk for storage and other. Most commonly, whether for business or personal use, I would look at 6x2x2 or 4x2x2

What is a writing desk?

It is desk that you write on

How big is a dorm room?

Generally, they are fairly small, just enough room for a bed and desk for each person. You can probably get dimensions from the housing department of the university you plan to attend.

What are the dimensions of an l shaped computer desk?

Many L shaped desks are about 35 x 70 x 50 inches. These desks fit well in room corners.

What are some popular designs for desk tables?

There are several popular desk tables designs. These include the covet desk, the reindeer desk, the WD desk, the wave desk, the treasury table, and the luna desk.

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