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Positive looks like this + Negative looks like this -

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Q: What are difference between negative and positive signs?
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How do add negative and positive numbers?

-- write the difference between the numbers without regard for their signs -- give the difference the same sign as the original number with the greater size

How do you add a positive and a negative number?

-- Ignore the signs. -- Find the difference between the two numbers. -- Give it the sign of the larger original number.

When multiplying numbers what do you do with the positive and negative signs?

Negative * positive = negative Positive * positive = positive Negative * negative = positive

When dividing a positive number by a positive number the quotient is?

The answer is always positive. If the signs are the same (positive by positive, negative by negative), then the quotient is always positive. If the signs are different (positive by negative, negative by positive), then the quotient is always negative.

What will be the difference when subtracting two integers with different signs?

Subtracting: Positive - Negative = Positive Negative - Positive = Negative No that is not the way it goes. It is positive+negetive=either counting on which integer is bigger negative+negative=positive positive+positive=positive positive x negetive=negative negative x postitve= negative negative/positive=negative positive/negative=negetive thanks The top is right though because subtracting a negative is like adding so you could never get a negative and subtracting from a positive from negative will always be a negative. The question was for integers with different signs so you don't need to do "positive + positive"

What does a and a and equall?

a(-)and a(-)=positive a(+)and a(+)=positive but a(-)and a(+) or a(+)and a(-)= negative so two signs the same is positive and two signs that are different are negative.

How do you multiply integers having unlike sign?

Positive x Positive = Positive Negative x Negative = Positive Positive x Negative = Negative Basically if the signs are the same, the answer will always be positive, and if the signs are different the answer will be negative. Hope this helps.

How do i divide integers with different signs?

see if have -8 divided by -8 divide the number number first and then see to the following signs-8 divided by -8 is equal to +1-8 divided by +8 is equal to -1so different signs -same sign +++=+--=++-=--+=-

What is the difference beteen hiv positive and hiv negative?

There is a huge difference between them. HIV Positive means that the test found HIV-Antibodies in your blood (you can find them in the mouth sometimes). A HIV-Negative test means that the solution did not find any signs of HIV in your body and your in great shape.

Is a negative subtract a negative a positive?

Yes. A negative subtracted by a negative is a positive. Just remember that two like signs become a positive sign, and two unlike signs become a negative sign.

Is the sum of two integers with the same sign positive or negative?

if the 2 signs are negative, than the sum is negative. if the 2 signs are positive, than the sum is positive.

What signs are used when mulitiplying and dIviding integers would the signs be the same and the answer negative?

positive x positive = positive negative x negative = positive positive x negative = negative negative x positive = negative The same rules apply for dividing, since dividing is actually multiplying by the reciprical.