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the fraction 25/1 or any fraction equal to that, such as 50/2

25 cannot be expressed as a decimal because it is a whole number; to express it as a decimal would basically be 25.0

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what are five different ways to show twenty five
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Q: What are different ways to show the number 25?
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How do you show 25 in different ways?

25 = 100 / 4 = 16 + 9 = 42 - 17

How do you show 2 and a half?

2.52 1/25/2Probably infinite number of ways to show this.

Show how many different ways can you write the number 25?

Answer25 25 25 2525 2525twenty-fiveXXVVXXXCrap answers from me as well (I won't mind if you don't see these):52square root 6252S

How many different ways can you arranged the word china?

25 and over ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The number of ways is 5x4x3x2x1= 120 ways

How many different ways can you make 25?

An infinite number of ways. The question needs to be more restrictive.

What 25 ways to multiply and get 12?


How many different ways can you write one quarter?

1/4, .25 25% 3/12, etc. since it can be 25% of any number it is actually infinite

How many different ways can you make 25 cents using only nickels and dimes?

Three different ways.

What are 2 different ways to model 25 percent?

25% = 1/4 = 0.25

What are the three different ways of writing one quarter?

1/4 .25 25%

Different ways to write a quarter?

25/100 25cents

How do you split 25 three ways?

It is split in 3 ways by: 25/3 = 8 and 1/3

How many ways can you make the number 25?

There are infinate ways to make up the number 25. Just a few examples:20+5=2536-11=2527.35-2.35=25-15698+15723=25

What are some different ways you can show 25?

In exponents: 5^2 = 25 In scientific notation: 2.5*10^1 = 25 As a decimal: 25.0 As an improper fraction: 25/1 As a product of its prime factors: 5*5 = 25 As a Roman numeral: XXV = 25

How many different ways can you make 25 cents with dimes nickels and pennies?

12 ways.

How many ways can you combine 3 rolls of the die to total 12?

25 ways. 25 ways. 25 ways. 25 ways.

How many different ways can 1 committee of 5 students be selected from a class of 25?

53,130 ways.

Different ways to make 85 with 50 25 15 5?


How many ways are there to seat 25 people?

There are about 2 sensible reasons. You get 25 chairs tell the 25 people to sit. Tell them to sit on the floor.Answer:25 people can be seated in 25! ways (25! is factorial 25, or 25x24x22x21 ....x3x2x1) as the first chair can be filled in 25 ways, the second in 24, the third in 23 and so on. This comes to 1.5511210043 × 1025 different ways

How do you get 25 percent of a number?

There are two easy ways. You have your choice: -- Multiply the number by 0.25 -- Divide the number by 4

How many different ways to make 99 cents in?

The answer will depend on whose currency the question is about. A number of countries use cents in their currency and they have different coins. For example, the Eurozone countries have a 20 cent coin but not 25 whereas the US has 25 but not 20.

How many different skyline at start of each Frasier show?


How do you use exponents to show the prime number of 25?


What are equivalent representations?

They are different ways of writing the same number. For example, 0.04, 1/25, 0.22, 5-2, 4% (and there are more) are all equivalent representations.

How many different ways of choosing three initials are there that have two or three initials alike?

Total number of choices for 3 initials = 263 Number with all three different = 26*25*24 (assuming ABC is not the same as ACB) So number with two or three alike = Total - number with no matches = 263 - 26*25*24 = 17576 - 15600 = 1976

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How many ways can you make the number 25?

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