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3/5 is the simplified equivalent fraction.

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Q: What are equivalent fractions of twenty-one thirty fifths?
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What is equivalent to thirty fifths?


What is equivalent to twenty thirty fifths?

20/35? That's equivalent to 4/7.

What fraction is equivalent to fifteen thirty fifths?

36spell check your answers

What is the equivalent fraction of seven thirty five?

seven thirty-fifths = 7/35 = 1/5

What is 3 sevenths minus 2 fifths?

We convert it into thirty-fifths. That gives 15 thirty-fifths minus 14 thirty-fifths which is one thirty fifth.

What are equivalent fractions of six thirty sixths?

1/6, 2/12, 150/900, 60/360, etc., are fractions equivalent to 6/36.

What are 2 equivalent fractions for 6 sixteenths?

3 eighths, and 12 thirty-seconds

What is two fifths of thirty?

Two fifths of thirty = 30*2/5 = 60/5 = 12

What fractions are equivalent to twelve over thirty?

2/5, 4/10, 6/15

How do you group the fractions two thirds three sevenths and four thirty fifths from least to greatest?

4/35, 3/7, 2/3

What are two equivalent fractions for twelve over thirty?

Six over fifteen, two over five.

What is two fractions equivalent to the fraction 25 and 85 tenths?

33.5 and thirty three and two fourths.

What is four fifths of thirty?


What is 4 fifths of thirty?


What is thirty fifths converted to a mixed number?

Thirty fifths is not expressed as a mixed number. It is a whole number 30/5=6

How many fifths does six equal?

30 / 5 = 6 Answer: thirty fifths

What are three equivalent fractions for five eighths?

ten sixteenths, fifteen twenty-fourths, and twenty thirty sixths =)

What are three equivalent fractions for thirty-six over nine?

4; 72/18; 108/27

What are two equivalent fractions to nine sixteenths?

Negative nine over negative sixteen, and eighteen thirty-seconds are both equivalent to nine sixteenths.

How do you use three fifths in a sentence?

Thirty six minutes is three fifths of an hour.

What is three fifths of thirty five?


What is 4 fifths of thirty five?


What is eighteen thirty fifths written as a decimal?

eighteen thirty fifths written as a decimal = 0.514318/35:= 18 ÷ 35= 0.5143 in decimal

How can i write Eighteen-thirty-fifths in numeral form?


What is 6.8 as a fraction?

six and four fifths, or thirty four fifths for top heavy fraction