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Q: What are examples for things made by matrices 'matrix'?
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What are matrices made of?

In mathematics matrices are made up of arrays of elements.

What has an extracellualar matrix?

Many things do but the best example is bone with a matrix made mostly of calcium.

What is The Matrix made of?

The nuclear matrix is made of protein and RNA fibrils.

When was the Matrix the movie made?

The Matrix: 1999 The Matrix Reloaded: 2003* The Matrix Revolutions: 2003* *The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions were made at the same time as so was Enter The Matrix video game.

What are some examples of things not made of cells?


What is the nuclear matrix made of?

The nuclear matrix is made of protein and RNA fibrils.

Examples of things made out of thermoplastic?

Ruler, water bottle

What things were once living?

Some examples of things that were once living:dinosaurwoodpapermeatsaltsugargluechalkpaper

Examples of abiotic things?

Abiotic things are things that are not living and are not made of living components. Rocks are an excellent of abiotic things.

When was The Matrix made?


What are the examples of the material noun?

A material noun is a word for a thing that other things are made from. Some examples are:aluminumconcretecottonflourglassgoldleathersandstonesugarwoodwool

When was The Matrix film made?


What is the liquid made by the mitochondria?


What are examples of living things that are made of cells?

Grapefruits show cell structure.

Application of matrices in daily life?

In computer based applications, matrices play a vital role in the projection of three dimensional image into a two dimensional screen, creating the realistic seeming motions. Stochastic matrices and Eigen vector solvers are used in the page rank algorithms which are used in the ranking of web pages in Google search. The matrix calculus is used in the generalization of analytical notions like exponentials and derivatives to their higher dimensions. One of the most important usages of matrices in computer side applications are encryption of message codes. Matrices and their inverse matrices are used for a programmer for coding or encrypting a message. A message is made as a sequence of numbers in a binary format for communication and it follows code theory for solving. Hence with the help of matrices, those equations are solved. With these encryptions only, internet functions are working and even banks could work with transmission of sensitive and private data's.

What are other examples of things not made of matter except for gravity?

Light, Energy, and Heat.

What is the most recent matrix movie?

The most recent one is The Matrix Revolutions made in 2003.

How old is The Matrix?

It was made in October 2008.

When was the last matrix movie made?

The Matrix Revolutions is a 2003 film released November 5, 2003 .

What are some examples of material nouns?

A material noun is a word for a material, a substance, or an ingredient that other things are made from. Some examples are:cottongoldcalciumconcreteplasticironbrassmilksilverrubbersalttarclothwoodpaperglassleathersand

How old is the pantech matrix?

It was made in October 2008.

Who made The Matrix Path of Neo?

wachowski brothers

What material is trinity from the matrix outfit made out of?

Latex .

Can you give me 10 examples of material nouns?

A material noun is a word for something that other things are made from. Some examples of material nouns are:goldsilverglassflourcoralcottonrubberplasticaluminumcalcium

What are examples of things that can squeeze through cell membrane?

nova6 is a very dedly gas that was made in1960