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Q: What are examples of decimals in real life?
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How you use decimals in real life?

How you use decimals in real life.We use decimals when buying a grocery items in the market. Example the price of potato is $20.19.

Decimals practical to real-life situations?


Were do you use decimals in life?

Decimals are used in money. There is a real difference between a 1.99 and 199.00.

Real life situation for changing repeating decimals into fractions?

there are None!

What are some ways that decimals are used in real life?

prices such as..... $8.98

3 examples of decimals in every day life?

when you get gas, use money, or measure your self

What are some real life examples of a nonagon?

There are very few real life examples of nonagons. The only examples that I can think of are a few coins.

What are some real life examples of cylinders?

some real life examples are a water bottle, pipes, cans

What decimals are irrational?

Irrational numbers are real numbers which cannot be expressed as fractions. In other words, decimals that never repeat. Examples: sqrt(2) -pi 4*sqrt(3)

What are 5 examples of non terminating repeating decimals?

terminating decimals repeating decimals

What are some examples of decimals in real life?

I dont know if this is what you mean but an example of a decimal in real life would like.. if you go to the store and something costs $3.00 and then some tax added could make it.. lets say $4.09- that would be a decimal. hope that helps you! sorry if it doesnt!

What are some examples of integers we use in everyday life?

The price of something,The Weight, the size of things etc.And this can be some of the examples:[(-6)+(7)](4)(-6)these are examples of decimals