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Y = 2X

Variables are X and Y

If X = 2, then Y = 4

If X = 3, then Y = 6

and so forth. If you vary one then he other changes. Their values are variable.

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Q: What are examples variables in a equation?
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What is an equation that has several letters or variables?

An equation that has several letters or variables is a polynomial

What is an equation involving two or more variables?

An equation with two or more variables is called a polynomial. It can also be a literal equation.

When an equation has two variables there is a number of values that the two variables could have?

If an equation has two variables, we'll call them (x,y), the variables can be any value as long as both sides of the equation have the same result. If the equation was x = y, then the variables could be (1,1), (2,2), (3,3),etc...

Why do you isolate variables for math?

You isolate variables in math because the point of an equation is to solve for the variables. By isolating the variables you have learned what that variable stands for and thus solved the equation.

What is a sentence with one or more variables?

well, an equation with one variable is a one step equation and an equation with more than 2 variables is a multi-step equation

Give an example of an equation that is an identity?

An identity is an equation that is always true, for any value of the variable or variables. Here are some examples: x + x = 2x a + b = b + a x1 = x

What is an equation made with two variables called?

An equation with two variables . . . seriously!An equation with one variable can be can be solved, but when there are two variables, you need two equations. This is called a system of two equations in two variables.Three equations in three variables, etc.

What is the definition of graph of an equation?

Plot the solution of the equation for various variables in the equation

What is the definition of literal equation?

Literal equation refers to an equation in which the variables represent known values. This type of equation allows the representation of things like distance, interest, time, and slope as variables in an equation.

An equation that contains two or more variables?

literal equation

What is An equation that has variables in both the numerator and denominator?

It is still an equation.

What is s solving an equation?

An equation is a mathematical statement that may (or may not) be true, defined for some variables. Solving an equation is finding those values of the variables for which the equation or statement is true.