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If an equation has two variables, we'll call them (x,y), the variables can be any value as long as both sides of the equation have the same result.

If the equation was x = y, then the variables could be (1,1), (2,2), (3,3),etc...

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: When an equation has two variables there is a number of values that the two variables could have?
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What is 3x plus 2y - x plus 2y?

"3x + 2y - x + 2y" is an expression that is often part of an equation; possibly a linear equation, though it could be of higher order as there could be squares, cubes etc. To be definite there would be an equals sign (=) and an expression, usually a number, the other side of it.

What is the longest math equation?

well, by definition, a math equation is something along the lines of y=x, where either y or x can be anything, including functions or non functions. so really you could just make up anything as an equation, which means there really isn't a math equation that is the longest. for example, i could say y=x^3 +2x^2+4x+2.5x^(1/2)+cuberoot(34x^2)... yadda yadda yadda, and it would be an equation. basically there is an infinite number of terms you could have in an equation.a more suitable question would be to ask,"what is the longest applicable math equation?", which i think you probably meant in the first place. just be weary about how you use the word "equation."as for the longest applicable math equation, look at things like Nordstrand's Weird Surface, or in general, Integral Transforms are quite lengthy. applicable equations don't necessarily have to be very long to be complicated.

What does 1N equal?

You need a full equation. For example, i could be 1n=5, which you would divide 5 by 1 and n=5. But you need an equation.

Can a non-function equation still have a domain and range?

Yes. An equation that is not a function is called a relation. Functions are special types of relations where every input (or in other words each value in the domain) has exactly one output (or matches up with exactly one value in the range). A relation would be where you plug in a number for x but instead of only getting one number out for y, you get more than one. Example: y2=x If you plug in 4 for x and solve for y by taking the square root, then y could equal either positive 2 or negative 2, since 22 is 4 and (-2)2 is also 4. In this case, x corresponds with two output values for y (2 and -2) which means that while this equation is a relation, it is not a function. Domain here would refer to all numbers that make sense for x. In other words, what numbers can you plug in for x, and get an answer that is not imaginary or undefined. In the example above, I could not plug in negative numbers for x, because when I try to solve for y I would get an imaginary number. So we would say that the domain of that relation is x> or equal to 0. The Range for a relation is all of the possible output values. So for all the values of x that you can plug in, what are all the possible values of y I could get out? If you look at it, since I'm only plugging in 0 for x or any other number larger than 0, that would imply that y can only be 0 or bigger as well. So the range here would be y > or equal to 0. I hope that helps!

What is y when x is three?

This question cannot be answered without the whole equation: If the equation is y = 2x, then y = 6 for x = 3. If the equation is y = x + 2, then y = 5 for x = 3. If the equation is y = 99/x, then y = 33 for x = 3. If you can provide the complete equation, your question could be answered more precisely.

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What do variables do?

It is a mathematical term which could have different values.

What does value of variables mean?

In algebra, variables are represented by letters such as x. A variable could be any number. That number is the "value" of the variable. In an expression, you can choose a number to put in for x, and simplify to get a number which is the value of the expression. In an equation, you can solve for the value of x, which will be the value of x which makes the equation true.

32x plus 60y 1116?

It could be a linear equation in two variables. A single linear equation in two variables cannot be solved.

What is a mathematical statement that compares the values of quantities?

It could be an equation or inequality.

Which table of values could be generated by the equation 10x 5y15?

The equation isn't quite clear - some symbols get lost in the questions. In any case, you can solve the equation for "y", then replace some values of "x" and use the equation to calculate the corresponding values for "y".

What are variables?

something that can be changed, like in an experiment. there are controlled variables, manipulated variables and respondingvariables. Something that you could of done better or needed improvement on and then there's something that you did great. Variables are unknowns. They are typically found in math problems and represented by a letter, usually x. They can be fulfilled by any number that makes the equation true. Sometimes they have one discrete value, and other times it is possible that one variable could have several possible values that are all equally correct.Something that can be changed. In algebra, it is the letter because the letter can be changed to a number.

How do you solve the linear equation for2x-2y equals 9?

You can't. No matter what you can not know the value of one of the variables without knowing the value of the other. All the possible values they could be can be represented on a graph by the line (rearranged from the equation): y = x - 4.5

What has 4 numbers in it 3 variables and 1variable that's a fraction?

It could be an expression or an equation or inequality.

What is the x and the y in 3x - y equals -6 equal?


Could you graph an equation containing more than four variables?

Yes, but it could be very difficult to interpret the graph. However, if some of the variables were qualitative or binary, it would not be too bad.

What is made up of two values and a relational operator?

It could be an equation or an expression or a condition.

3x - 4y equals -11?

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. If we had another equation in addition to that one, then we could find unique values for 'x' and 'y' that satisfy both. With only this equation, there are an infinite number of pairs of values that satisfy it, just as long as y = 0.75x + 2.75 .

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