What are facts about radius?

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work it out

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Q: What are facts about radius?
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What are facts about a radius?

work it out

Facts about the radius bone?

Well, the radius bone is the only bone in your body specifically designed to take a this I mean when you fall, the radius is designed to snap and absorb most of the impact in order to prevent damage to more important areas

What the radius of a circle with diameter 28cm3?

Diameter cannot be measured in cubic centimetres! Please make sure of your facts and repost the question.

Is radius half radius?

No. Radius is half of the diameter.

How do you get from the radius to the circumference?

(radius+radius) times pi

What does it mean to square the radius?

It means to multiply the radius by itself: radius x radius

What are facts about pie?

Well first of all you spelt pie wrong the mathmetical term of pi is spelt pi. It is also what you use to measure the radius of a circle.

If the circumference of a circle doubles the radius?

IMPOSSIBLE circumference = 2*pi*radius if circumference = 2*radius: 2*radius=2*pi*radius 2*radius/(2*radius)=2*pi*radius/(2*radius) 1=pi pi= 1 therefore it is impossible to have a circumference that is twice that of the radius

What is a radius square?

When you try to figure out an area of a circle, you square the radius, then multiply it by pi to get the area of a circle. A radius square is radius x radius, or radius squared.

How can you use the word atomic radius in a sentence?

Atomic radius may refer to the ionic radius, covalent radius, metallic radius, or van der Waals radius.

Use atomic radius in a sentence?

an atomic radius is a radius.

What is the six name of radius?

A radius is a radius. It does not have six names.

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