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It means to multiply the radius by itself: radius x radius

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Q: What does it mean to square the radius?
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How do you get the square footage of a radius?

The square footage of a radius is meaningless, but if you mean the square footage of a circle of radius say R, the answer is 3.142 x R x R

What is the area of a square with a radius of 6 yards?

It's hard to say, because "radius" is not a term classically associated with the square. You'd have to define what you mean when you talk about the square's radius.

What is the area of a square if the radius is 3.2 cm?

That's virtually impossible to say until you explain what you mean by the 'radius' of a square.

What is a radius square?

When you try to figure out an area of a circle, you square the radius, then multiply it by pi to get the area of a circle. A radius square is radius x radius, or radius squared.

What is rad squared?

I assume you mean radius? To square the radius of a circle, whose radius is, for example 6", do the following: 6 x 6 = 36in2 (can also be written as: 36 square inches).

If the area of a square is 72 inch squared what is the radius?

No Radius in a SquareA radius is a feature of a circle, not a square. A square, whatever its area, does not have a radius.

How do you find the radius of an inscribed circle of a square given the area of the square?

Half the square root of the square radius equals the circle radius.

What is the command for a square and circles?

If you mean square units within a circle then it is:- Area = pi*radius squared

How do you convert square feet into a radius of a circle?

divide the square feet by pi that gives you the radius squared find the square root and get the radius

How to find the radius of a square?

squares do not have a radius

What is the radius of a circle that has a radius of eighty square centimeters?

Eighty square centimeters

How do you convert square feet into radius square feet?

Square feet are square feet. There is not a measure called radius square feet.

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