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fifteen halves

seven and one half

seven and two fourths

seven and three sixths

seven and four eighths

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Q: What are five names for seven and a half?
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23 and a half minus seven and five eighths?

23 and a half minus seven and five eighths equals 15.875

How do you write 7.5?

seven and five tenths also seven point five (it can also be converted to seven and one half)

If half of ten is five what is half of twelve. its not six Hint- Think Diagrammatical?

Seven (Roman numerals).

What does seven in a half is five percent of what number?

7.5 / 0.05 = 150

What is one and a half minus five eighths of an inch?

Answer = seven eighths of an inch.

How long is five hundred seventy-seven minutes?

Nine and a half hours.

What is three and one half plus two and three eights?

Five and seven eighths

7 and a half - 5 and seven eights equals?


What is seven and one half minus five and three eighths?

2 and 1/8

If a chicken and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half how many egg would it lay in a week?

Seven, if the halves can be combined to make a whole. If not then five

What is the biggest five tenths or seven tenths?

Seven tenths is larger. Out of ten fractions, 5 would only be half of the whole.

How do you write 97.5 in word form?

Ninety seven and one half or Ninety seven point five or Ninety seven and a half etc

What is seven and five-tenths plus ten and one-half?

Make it simpler by saying that five-tenths is one-half ... so you can rewrite it as what is seven and one-half plus ten and one-half? then you add 7 + 10 = 17 and one-half + one-half = one... .17+1=18 therefore 7 and 5/10 + 10 and 1/2 = 18

How many minutes from thirty five past six to half past seven?

55 minutes

How do you write 37.5 percent in words?

Thirty seven point five percent Thirty seven and one half percent

What is half of five?

Half of five iS 2.5

How is one half of five 4?

4 is not one half of five. 2.5 is one half of five.

What are the five names of the moon?

The big CHEESE--- Rocky--seriously--full-new-gibbous--quarter--half

Is seven tenths closer to half or one?

one Second reply: Not so, half is five-tenths, one is ten-tenths...

How do you properly word the half hour on an invitation?

Seven-thirty would be a half after seven in the evening. " half after seven o'clock". " half after seven o'clock".

What Is Seven Ninths Plus One Half?

the correct answer is 1 5/18 or one and five eighteenths

What is eight and one half minus five and seven ninths?

It is: 49/18 or 2 and 13/18

One and one half minus five eights?

1½ = Twelve eighths so the answer is seven-eighths

How many stars are on the Bosnian flag?

Seven full five-pointed stars with two half stars.

Which is correct seven and five is thirteen or seven and five are thirteen?

The Correct Answer Is Seven And Five Is Thriteen If you Are Adding.