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Q: What are five words that have been created and added to English in the last fifty years?
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How do you write 650 in English words?

650 can be written as "six hundred fifty" in English words.

Who added words to the English language in the Middle English period?

The Normans added words to the English language during their occupation.

New words in the English dictionary?

What words have been added to the English dictionary in 2009 or 2010

How to write 250000 in English?

Not really sure what you mean by "in english" but you if you meant in words: two hundred fifty thousand

When was The New World of English Words created?

The New World of English Words was created in 1658.

Identify fifty English words used today whose meaning have evaded from their original old English or middle English meaning?


How many new words are added to the English language each year?

200 words added every quarter

How did the English language expand?

Technology created new wordsMedical Science developed new wordsSlang expanded meanings and usage of words and often added wordsLingo within corporations, the military, and education brought about new words.Foreign Words added to the language. Taco is now understood by everyone who speaks English.

909352 how write in english words?

Nine hundred nine thousand three hundred and fifty two is 909352 written in English.

What were four words that George Orwell made up in 1984 that were added to the English language?

Some of the words created by George Orwell in "1984" that have been added to the English language include "doublethink," "newspeak," "thoughtcrime," and "proles." These terms are often used to describe concepts related to totalitarianism, propaganda, and control of information.

Who created the English words?


How are words brought into English by allusion?

They are added from historical or popular names.