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Q: What are four categories into which the human value of natural species can be divided?
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What specific natural or human species capacities are singled out by natural theorists?


What are the two main categories of factors causing climate change?

Human and Natural causes

What specific natural or human species capacities are singled out by natural law theorists?


Classift environmental problems into three major categories?

three categories of human-induced environmental problems - pollution, biodiversity loss, and natural resource depletion

What is the Difference between Human Genus and Human Species?

In Biology there are many categories for creatures to fit into. Each category has a name. The list goes in this order.. Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Because the human genus (Homo) would be before the species, the species is more specific to what you are refering to.

Why dodo disappeared?

Invasive species and human hunters, as well as its natural predators.

What categories do economists use to classify economic resources?

Economic resources are classified into two categories. These are natural resources (land), and human-made resources which (capital, enterprise and labor.)

Why do most species in the world go extinct?

Notincluding human intervention. Natural selection.

How can a loss of habitat cause a species to go extinct?

Human activities and natural disasters

What are the sciences related to ecology?

Normally there are no sciences that are related to science. But there are divisions in science . Science is divided in to many categories . science is mainly divided in to two categories they are physical science and natural science.

Is a western garder snake an invading spieces?

No ! The human race is the invading species - into the snakes natural habitat !

What is a trans-species jump?

it is when a virus changes its natural host to a new host. ex. from an animal to a human.