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There are no specific names for such a shape.

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Q: What are four names for a quadrangle where all four sides are different lengths?
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Find the perimeter of a quadrangle?

Add the lengths of the four sides

Does a quadrangle have 4 sides none of which are the same length?

Not necessarily. A quadrangle is a plane shape bounded by 4 straight sides. The name says nothing at all about the lengths of the sides.

What is another name for a quadrangle that measures 2 and a half cm on top and both sides and 5 cm on the bottom?

There is no specific name. The lengths of a quadrangle's sides do not uniquely identify its shape since the quadrangle can be flexed (skewed).

What are the lengths of the sides of an obtuse triangle?

The 3 sides have different lengths

How many sides does a quadrangle have. IT has 4 sides?


What is a quadrangle with no parallel sides called?

A quadrangle or quadrilateral (a shape with 4 angles or 4 sides, respectively). Special names normally come in when you DO have special characteristics, not when you don't.

How do I Draw a quadrangle with no parallel sides?

Just draw one! It can help if all the sides are different lengths. Draw three of the sides, making sure that the first and third sides are not parallel, then draw the fourth side, making sure it is not parallel with its opposite side.

Lengths of a scalene triangle sides?

All three sides have different lengths.

Quadrangle with no pairs of parellel sides?

How do you draw a quadrangle with no parellel sides?

Is a trapezoid a quadrangle?

Yes, a trapezoid is a quadrangle because a quadrangle has four sides and a trapezoid has four sides.

What shape is a quadrangle?

A quadrangle is a shape that has four right angles. It is also consider a parallelogram due to its four sides. Just think of a quadrangle as a square but different.

How do you find the area of quadrangle?

Multiply half of the sum of the lengths of the top and bottom by half of the sum of the lengths of both sides

What is a quadrangle with two equal sides?

There is no specific name for a quadrangle with two equal sides.

What is a polygon with 4 sides no two of which need to be the same size?

Quadrangle is the word used to denote a figure with four sides, regardless of the lengths or angles that make it up.

Why is a square not a quadrangle?

It is a quadrangle. However, not all quadrangles are squares, because to be a square all the sides and all the angles have to be equal. To be a quadrangle the figure simply has to have four sides (and therefore four angles), which may all be different.

What is the perimeter of a dodecagon?

The perimeter of a dodecagon is the sum of the lengths of its 12 sides. These sides may be of different lengths.

Draw a quadrangle that has 2 pairs of parallel sides.?

Draw a quadrangle with two parallel sides

Quadrangle with two pairs of equal sides?

A quadrangle with two pairs of equal sides is a square.

Is trapezoid quadrangle?

yes because quadrangle needs four sides and a trapezoid has four sides

What is the triangle that has two different lengths?

A SCALENE triangle has all three sides different lengths.

What is a qaudrilateral wiht right angles but wiht sides of unequal lengths?

How about a rectangle which is a quadrilateral with sides of different lengths

What is one way a scalene and equilateral triangle different?

A scalene triangle has sides of different lengths while an equilateral triangle has sides of equal lengths

How many sides to a scalene triangle?

3 sides of different lengths

Which is true of the sides of a trapezoid?

Two sides are parallel but of different lengths

What quadrangle has no parallel sides?

A general quadrangle. Also, an arrowhead, for example.

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