What are four things about knights?

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they lived in the middle ages. There s one

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Q: What are four things about knights?
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List four things you learned about knights?

They wear shiny armour.

What are four important things about knights?

they lived in the middle ages. There s one

When was The Four Knights created?

The Four Knights was created in 1943.

Who are the four chosen ones on poptropica?

If you are talking about Astro-Knights the four chosen ones are you and the three knights.

List four things about knights?

The Knights Templar were a powerful Christian military. They had a reputation of being fearsome but were learned men who were dedicated to protecting people of all religions. They were great statesmen and economic traders. The Knights Templar were dedicated to protecting all things Holy as well as the Holy Land.

Four things you might do to protect a castel under attack?

swords, knights, guards, moats, drawbridges, attack weapons etc.

How many knights are in chess?

There are a total of four Knights at the start of a chess game with each player fielding two Knights .

How many knights in a chess game?

There are four knights total ; each opponent fields two knights a piece per side .

What are 4 things that you can learn about knights?

4 things about a knight

How many knights of the garter are there?

The order of the Knights of the Garter is limited to no more than twenty four members.

Do four knights weigh more then two deers?


How many horses are in a chess game?

Seeing as to how each side starts with two knights (horses) there are four knights at the start of the game. If a pawn is promoted to a knight there can be more than four knights on the board, but this doesn't usually happen.

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