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Q: What are geometrical spokes in a circle called?
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What are the spokes from a circle's center called?


What is the geometrical term for the lie that bisects a circle?

Not sure about a lie, but such a line is called the diameter.

What is the geometrical term for the line that bisects a circle?

It is the circle's diameter

What geometrical shape has no corners and is flat?

A circle....

Is a circle a geometrical shape?

Yes, it is indeed.

Is acircle a geometric?

A circle is a round geometrical shape

Do a circle have angles?

A circle is a special type of geometrical figures. Each point on a circle corresponds to different angle.

Is all these answer is right yes or no circle?

No, some of the geometrical answers are wrong.

Who discovered circle shape?

No one really because a circle is a natural geometrical shape seen throughout nature.

Which geometrical figure encloses the greatest area within the shortest circumference?

A circle.

What geometrical shapes does the India gate resemble?


What is inscribed pentagon?

A pentagon is a five sided geometrical figure; if the pentagon fits exactly inside some other geometrical figure (such as a circle) then it can be said to be inscribed in that figure.