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A pentagon is a five sided geometrical figure; if the pentagon fits exactly inside some other geometrical figure (such as a circle) then it can be said to be inscribed in that figure.

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Q: What is inscribed pentagon?
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A regular pentagon is inscribed inside a circle that has radius of length 9 What is the measure of each angle in the pentagon?


A circle is inscribed in a regular pentagon whose sides are 12 cm. Find the area inside the pentagon and outside the circle?


Where is the center point of the pentagon inscribed in a circle?

assuming this is a regular pentagon (all five sides are equal length) the center is the intersection of the intersection of perpendicular bisectors of each side and should also be the center of the circle in which it is inscribed

In a pentagon line segments are drawn from one vertex to each other vertex. Into how many regions is the pentagon divided?

The lines inscribed as directed will result in a "star" being formed inside, and a pentagon will be formed in the middle of the star. The pentagram will have been separated into 11 regions by inscribing it as directed.

1.The area of a circle is 81ฯ€ square units. What is the radius of this circle2.Find the area of a regular pentagon inscribed in a circle of radius 3?


What is a sentence for inscribed?

The coffin was inscribed with a warning and a curse.He had the wedding band inscribed for her.

What is an inscribed marker?

Stela:- inscribed slab or pillar

Why is the pentagon US shaped like a pentagon?

It was named after a pentagon, it wasn't the 'Pentagon' that named the 'pentagon'.

Is the surface inscribed in a plane figure?

the surface inscribed in a plan figure

What parallelogram can be inscribed in a circle?

if a parallelogram is inscribed in a circle it is always a rectangle...............

What is a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle called?

It is an inscribed quadrilateral or cyclic quadrilateral.

How do you use inscribed in a sentence?

I would like to have this piece of marble inscribed with an axiom.

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