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miles driver strickly on highways. not city driving conditions.

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Q: What are highway miles?
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Which country has the most highway miles per capita?

Highway miles - Canada Total road miles - US

How many miles of highway does the US Intersate Highway System include?

In 2010 it covered 47,182 miles.

How many miles of highway are in Hawaii?

There are 9,523 miles of highway in Hawaii. Honolulu is the largest city in the world at 1,500 miles long. The Hawaii island is 4,028 square miles.

What is the distance in miles from fairbanks to Joy Alaska?

Approximately 60 miles (10 miles on the Steese Highway from Fairbanks to Fox plus another 49 miles on the Elliott Highway)

The length of the highway is 700 miles If 1 inch represents 75 miles what is the length of the highway on the map?


How many miles of major highway are there from the City of Ruskin to the City of Destin FL?

452.6 miles of major roadway/highway.

Would the length of a highway be measured in feet or miles?

In miles.

How many highway miles are in Florida?

Centerline miles: 12,084.3

How many miles does the interstate highway system have?

47,856 miles

What is the best way to measure a highway?

The best way to measure a highway is in miles.

Which is the longest highways in India?

The longest highway in India is NH-7. This highway is 4,572 kilometers or 2,841 miles long. The shortest highway is NH-47A at 3.7 miles long.

How many miles is it from Bakersfield ca To visalia ca?

79 miles taking HIGHWAY 99 - NORTH to HIGHWAY 198 to VISALIA at EXIT 96, and then HIGHWAY 198 - EAST to VISALIA.

How many miles between Toronto and Waterloo?

108 km taking HIGHWAY 401, HIGHWAY 8, and HIGHWAY 85.

How many highway miles from san Diego to phoenix?

360 miles

What highway is the Grand Canyon near?

It is about 75 miles north of Interstate highway 40.

How long is Iowa Highway 122?

The length of the highway is 12 miles (19 km).

How many miles does the us interstate highway system include?

As of 2012, the US interstate highway system includes almost 50,000 miles.

How many miles does it take to get to Ottawa from belleville?

253 kilometres or 157 miles via HIGHWAY 416 SOUTH and HIGHWAY 401 WEST.

How many miles are there from Calgary Alberta to Jasper Alberta?

256 miles (412 kilometers) taking this route:Take Trans-Canada HIGHWAY 1 WEST from Calgary to Alberta HIGHWAY 93 ICEFIELDS HIGHWAY - NORTH to JASPER.Take HIGHWAY 93 ICEFIELDS HIGHWAY - NORTH to Jasper.

Which State has the most highway miles?


How far is Anchorage Alaska from Lynden Washington?

the distance between Anchorage AK to Lynden WA in: Road Miles: 2169 Miles. (Alaska Highway YT 1E) Kilo Meters: 3491 KMs. (Alaska Highway YT 1E) Alternate Route Road Miles: 2368 Miles. (Alaska Highway) Kilo Meters: 3812 KMs. (Alaska highway)

What is the longest highway in Hawaii?

The longest highway is 122.3 miles, but I'm not sure what it's called.

What is the distance from Sydney to Bowral?

On Hume Highway it'll be 73 miles. Though, that highway has tolls.

How Long is Highway 90?

Highway interstate 90 is about 247.85 miles long from buffalo to boston.

Which Highway that allows us to pass the speed of 300 miles per hour?

Information Highway?