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Those numbers are called factors. A pair of those is called a factor pair.

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Q: What are numbers that are multiplied to form a product called?
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Numbers that are multiplied to form a product are called?


What is product of the form in math?

When two or more numbers are multiplied the result is the product.

What is the product of a multiplication sentence is in math form?

The product of a multiplication sentence is called the answer of the numbers being multiplied. i.e 2 x 3 = 6, 6 is the product.

Is two or more numbers that are multiplied together to form a product a multiple?

No. They are multiplicands.

What is two or more numbers multiplied together to form a product called?

Any numbers being multiplied by each other are called factors. The solution to a multiplication problem is called a product. Because of the commutative property of multiplication both numbers being multiplied together are called "factors." This is why - 3 x 5 = 15 5 x 3 = 15 It doesn't matter the order of the 3 or the 5. They are both called factors, and the product is the answer, 15.

What is one of two or more numbers that are multiplied to form a product?

shouldn't you know that? it's factor and i'm only eleven yet i know it.

Is it true that the product of two negative numbers is sometimes a negative number?

No, two negatives multiplied together always form a positive number.

What to numbers multiplied form 76?

The two numbers can be: 4*19 = 76

What is the factors multiplied to form perfect squares?

Pairs of numbers.

What is a product in exponential form?

A product in exponential form is:x2= x multiplied x

What two numbers multiplied together equal 76?

I think 1 x 76 = 76 are the only two numbers that form 76 when multiplied together.

What is a number that is mutiplied by another number to form a product?

Any number multiplied by another number forms a product.

A number or polynomial that is multiplied by another number to form a product?

Is also a number or polynomial.

Will a vector multiplied by another vector result in another vector?

It depends on the angle between the vectors (AB). The product of two vectors Av and Bv is AvBv=-Av.Bv + AvxBv= |AvBv|(-cos(Ab) + vsin(AB)). If the angle is a odd multiple of 90 degrees the product is a vector. If he angle is an even multiple of 90 degrees, the product is a scalar. If he angle is not a multiple of 90 degrees, the product of a vector by another vector is a quaternion, the sum of a scalar and a vector. Most numbers in physics and science are quaternions, a combination of scalars and vectors.Quaternions forma mathematical Group, vectors don't. The product of quaternions is always a quaternion. The product of vectors may not be a vector, it may be a vector , a scalar or both. The product of scalars is also a Group. Vector by themselves do not form a Group. The Order of Numbers are Scalars form a Group called Real Numbers; scalars and a single vector form a group called complex numbers; scalars and three vectors form a group called Quaternions. These are the only Groups that provide an Associative Division Algebra.

What factors are multiplied to form a perfect square?

The same number is multiplied with itself to form a perfect square i.e. a perfect square has real and repeated equal numbers as factors.

What is representation of numbers in the form of numbers called?

Standard form

What is 11 over 3 multiplied by 9 over 2?

The product is 33/2 in its simplest form

Which prime numbers can be mulitiplied to form?

Prime numbers are used to find the product of the prime factors of composite numbers.

What prime numbers can be multiplied to form the number 20?

2 x 2 x 5 = 20

What value is the product of (-310)(-267) in simplified form?


What form is it when you write numbers in words?

its called word form

A number that is multiplied to itself to form a product?

Multiplying a number by itself is called "squaring". Ex. "What is the square of 5?" Answer: 25 And when you calculate, from the square (25) what the original number was, it is called "finding the square root." Ex. "What is the square root of 25?" Answer: 5.

Write each product in simplest form?

you have to find the GCF of the two numbers

What is 1625 as a product of prime numbers in index form?

As a product of its prime factors: 5^3 times 13 = 1625

What fraction and whole number with a product that is a whole number?

Any fraction can be multiplied by a whole number so that the product is a whole number. Simply multiply the fraction (in rational form) by its denominator.

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