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Q: What are numbers that can be divisble by 3?
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What the numbers divisble by 3?

3,6,9 and so on. All multiples of 3.

Which number is divisble by 3?

All numbers in the 3 times table. For example; 3, 6, 9, 12 . . .

42 is divisble by what numbers 14 8 5 9?

It is: 42/14 = 3

Is a number divisible by three and nine also divisible by six?

No. For example, 9 is divisible by 3 and 9, but not 6. Even numbers that are divisble by 3 and 9 are also divisble by 6.

What are all the numbers divisble by 2?

Even numbers

Is 153 divisible by 3?

yes for a number to be divisble by 3 you have to add the numbers together and see if you can divide it by 3 evenly 1+5+3= 9 9 can be divided by 3 evenly so that makes the number, 153 divisble by 3

Numbers divisble by 193?


What is divisble?

all multiples of numbers

Will the sum of 6 consecutive numbers always be divisble by 3?

If you mean six consecutive INTEGERS, then the answer is Yes.

What numbers are divisble by 300?

Any of its multiples

What numbers are divisble by 712?

Any of its multiples

Are whole numbers divisble by 1?