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The numerator is the name given to the top part of a fraction; the denominator is the bottom part of a fraction.

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Q: What are numerators and dinominators?
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What are denominators and numerators called?

They are called denominators and numerators!

To find the sum of two fractions with the same denominator you just have to add the?


How do you compare fractions with the same denominator but different numerators?

The fractions can be ordered according to the order of their numerators.

Why do you multiply numerators and denominators by the same number?

you have to multiply numerators and denominators because whatever you do to the bottom you have to do to the top

What is the relationship between the numerators of the factors and the numerators of the product?

The relationship between the factors and the product is that they are both fractions.

How do add factions with the same denominator?

You first add the numerators then take the denominator to the bottom of the sum of the numerators.

What can You noticE about comparing 2 fractions when the numerators are the same?

The larger fraction is the one with the smaller denominator, when the numerators are the same.

What is relationship between numerators and dividend of factors and numerators and devidend of product?

You pretty much already answered your own question: the numerators of the factors are the factors of the numerator of the produce while the dividends of the factors are the factors of the dividend.

Who are you if your products of each of your numerators and denominators is 120 and you are in your simplest form with the numerators a prime number?

3/40 and 5/24

Describe a way to compare two fractions when the numerators are the same?

When the numerators are the same, the fraction with the lower demomenator is the bigger fraction.

How do you Add rational expressions with common denominators and binomial numerators?

If the denominator is the same, you just add the numerators - just as with plain numbers.

Numerators close to but less than 1?

Numerators are whole numbers. SO the answer is 0, -1, and so on : depending on what you consider to be "close to".